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IT disasters have featured in the headlines much this year, as they have in many previous years too. Large scale hacks and data breaches have left millions affected, and have left even more millions aware that they could be next. But, IT disasters aren’t just about the headlines. They’re about the smaller problems that businesses can face every single day” warned Daniel Clements, the Managing Director at Shesh Tech.

Located in Birmingham, Shesh Tech is an IT support company, offering a range of solutions to help safeguard and protect users from an array of IT threats, both internally and externally. We spoke to Daniel further on how IT strategy can help to prevent these disasters.sesh1

It’s important that you take the necessary steps to safeguard your IT infrastructure

It’s important to realise that an IT disaster can take many forms, and can happen to any one of us at any given time. The most obvious disasters that we are all more than familiar with are the viruses, hacks, data breaches and malware” said Daniel.

2017 has been a big year for such attacks. The NHS, the NSA and the CIA have all found themselves targets of criminals this year. Not to mention other huge corporations, such as the Russian oil firm Rosnoft.

And let’s not forget other attacks that have gone back even further, such as the Sony data breach in 2015. Further to this, the nature of the threat continues to evolve. One of the hottest new technologies around at the moment is cryptocurrency, so naturally hackers have found ways to target this too.

These are the hacks that everyone has heard about” said Daniel. “But what you don’t hear about is that fact that many smaller businesses are the target of such criminals too. It doesn’t matter the size of your business or the industry you’re in, you must take steps to protect your IT systems.”

So, how can one do this? There are a range of services on offer, such as those provided by Shesh Tech, which help to safeguard your IT systems. The first line of defence is to have a managed antivirus solution in place, which ensures that any unwanted attacks or viruses are kept out of your system.

And, in the event of an IT disaster, you want to ensure that you are still able to retrieve all of your data. For this, a managed backup and disaster recovery service is usually recommended. This will keep all of your most valuable data stored safely in the cloud, and should anything go wrong, you’ll be able to recover it without any problems.

But why ‘managed’ solutions? “A managed solution is one that is handled externally for you by an IT support provider, such as ourselves. While you can use your own antivirus or backups solutions, having an external partner managing it for you simply adds another level of security to your systems” explained Daniel.


Security must be your top priority

But, as Daniel highlighted earlier, it’s not just hacks and attacks that your IT systems are at risk from. “IT disasters can come in many forms. Not having the latest software and hardware can cause a disaster. So too can employee naivety, or even setting up and installing your IT infrastructure in the wrong way.” said Daniel.

In fact, some articles list internal breaches as one of the biggest threats that IT systems face in the modern age. And, more often than not, these breaches are purely accidental, with no intention of harming the employer. In these instances, the education of employees is highly important. And, this same education can be used to ensure that systems are set up in the right way, and that you are using the latest software and hardware.

The trouble with the world of IT is that it’s changing at such a rapid pace. It feels like almost daily that a new innovation or piece of technology has hit the market. And it can be hard for business owners to keep up with this, all while trying to run their companies. That’s why a good IT company will also offer a consultative and strategic approach, working alongside businesses to ensure that they constantly remain ahead of the curve” said Daniel.

Such an approach allows business owners to focus on the task of running their business, while the experts can help to safeguard them against IT disasters, both internally and externally.

If you want to find out more about how you can protect your business from ever-growing threats, then you can visit the Shesh Tech page directly here:

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