Am Golhar: Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee

Am Golhar

Am Golhar has been shortlisted for the Divas of Colour “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for 2018, the ceremony is due to be held on March 25th 2018.

The awards themselves are the biggest platform for professional, career women, and women of colour in business. It draws influential women from every corner of the globe and hosts activities such as fashion shows and conferences along with the awards.

Divas of Colour is now in its fifth year, having started in 2013.
e nomination of Am Golhar is in recognition of her fine achievements as a woman entrepreneur who began her journey in Business at the age of twenty two within the British fashion and creative industries. Born of British Indian heritage, Golhar has worked with high-profile brands such as Burberry, Harrods, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, TK Maxx, to name a few.

Having excelled within the fashion industry, Am has since moved onto other ventures and set up PR agency Abstract PR, who will this year be a media partner for ‘The Business Show’, the UK’s largest Business Show. Under her watch, the company represent talented entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires to help raise their profiles.

Golhar is a feminist who strongly believes in female empowerment. Her success through adversity and obstacles, particularly within industries of deep-rooted sexism, is a reflection of her talent, perseverance and resilience.

It is her belief in feminism that lead her to take part in the BBC Asian Network’s campaign celebrating 100 years since women were awarded the right to vote; and what it is like as an Asian women living in 2018. Golhar talks about how there should be more British Asian Women Leaders.

Golhar will be continuing this theme of empowering women throughout the week by interviewing a true force in the world of haute couture bridal and occasional wear Mani Kohli, a highly respected Designer who has led the pathway for many British Asian designers today having opened her first boutique in 1985.

Video – BBC Asian Network Campaign – What’s it Like to be a British Asian Woman?

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James Underdown , Abstract PR
London , United Kingdom
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