Zonat acquires hosting.co.uk


Zonat S.A., the company known for monetizing domains announced last week that it acquired webhosting business of DI S.A. operating under hosting.co.uk and hosting.uk. The acquisition took place in December 2017 and it is said to be a “natural order of things given Zonat’s foregoing business development”.

DI S.A. the owner of prestigious portfolio of domains started its webhosting journey in 2012. It founded hosting.co.uk that quickly grew to one of the best-rated hosting companies in the UK. With the wide rage of products and technologically advanced solutions proposed to the clients hosting.co.uk is a leading company on the market.

Zonat S.A. is a strong player in domain monetizing business. It is profiting from ownership of such domains as website.de, yourwebsite.com, yourdomain.com and many others. Now the owners of the company decided to bring their performance to the next level by investing in hosting business. Frederick Schiwek, the CEO of the company, who moved from DI S.A. to Zonat S.A said the acquisition was for the company the logical consequence and embracement of previous investing choices.

The up and running hosting.co.uk brand gets taken over together with its staff. The clients of the business have nothing to fear about as they stay in the same caring hands. “The owner change will only have positive impact on our clients” said Frederick Schiwek, the CEO of Zonat S.A. “We plan on making the life of our users easier! We want to complement our rage of high quality webhosting products with some exciting additions like long-awaited site builder.”

About hosting.co.uk
Founded in 2012, hosting.co.uk grew to be one of the biggest hosting companies in the UK.

Our mission was, and still is, to offer the best product for our clients’ needs. No unnecessary packages and costs. Just the product you need and the best price.

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Frederick Schiwek, Hosting.co.uk
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