Some Instagram Experiments to Enjoy Your User Experience

While everyone knows the significance of having tons of followers, a person can still question why you want to have more of them on Instagram. It can come from someone who believes that this social media platform can earn you likes and comments for doing anything random, for example, clicking a photo of your feet and uploading it. But it discredits the business and creative credentials of the people who sweat it out to make money through this channel. Anyway, it is better to focus on your strategies, which can be as simple as building a community of people with the same interest.

There are a few features and tricks that can make you wise with Instagram use. Here is a quick look into them.

Data saver

Go to settings on Instagram and select Accounts, where you will find Mobile Data Use. Choose the Use Less Data option. It will help you save many MBs when you scroll through this app and make your monthly data package last a little more.

Instagram followers

Only a few people know that one can buy IG followers for their account. This strategy is more relevant if you want instant fame. Besides, having more followers can also help you access a lot of Insta features. Just make sure you use a credible vendor service for this to minimize or eliminate any risks.


Some accounts can seem quite attractive to you, and hence, you would want to stay up-to-date with them. That can be Kendall Jenner’s or someone else. In that case, you can set up an alert for their posts. When you click on Following Button, you also see an option for “Notifications.” You can choose content, such as Instagram Stories or Instagram Lives, for getting notified.


Some comments on your posts can be embarrassing or clichéd. You can hide them by visiting the Instagram Settings section to get to Privacy Button. There, you can go to Comments to conceal a comment that sounds offensive or distasteful. You can also stop some people from leaving a comment on your posts. These things may not make immediate sense, but you would rely on these features more as your account becomes popular.

Profile visibility

It is something that any ambitious IG user will want to achieve. For this, you need to employ an intelligent hack. For example, your bio will mention your brand or business along with your username. To help the search algorithm pick your profile faster, you can drop your name and add your profession and location. For example, suppose you are a journalist. So you can incorporate ‘Journalist’ and the name of your place. When you do this, it immediately becomes relevant for keywords matching these phrases.

Swipe-Up feature

You can use this function on Instagram stories if you have ten thousand followers. But there is a way to apply this even before that level. At the time of posting IGTV, you can put a swipe-up link. It allows your followers to get a quick view of the product, content, or anything you promote. It eliminates the hassle of going back to your bio for a link. Plus, every Story can have different swipe-up links, which is another advantage.

Not everyone can be aware of these things. Hence, it can be the best time to get an edge through these hidden gems.

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