5 Benefits of Managed IT Support

As our digital landscape starts to pick up the pace, large and small businesses alike are turning to professional IT support to stay ahead of the tech curve. Innovative digital assets, IT infrastructure and emerging solutions and services are changing the way businesses operate and ultimately how they handle their day-to-day operations.

The easiest, and perhaps most efficient, way of ensuring your IT infrastructure and digital assets are kept up to date and functioning to their highest possible capacity is outsourcing your tech management to a professional digital caretaker. There are many benefits to consider when looking for IT support – but first, what even is a managed IT support company?

What is managed IT support?

A managed IT support company proactively manages and maintains the IT infrastructure and digital assets of a business, on top of providing assistance to employees and resolving technical issues.

IT support companies also provide multiple levels of service, with services such as basic break-fix coverage offering a quick resolution to any issues. Proactive cover however offers a fully managed service where your chosen IT support service will actively monitor and manage your system and resolve any potential issues before they escalate. This kind of service futureproofs your business operations and cements continuity in your day-to-day tasks.

If you don’t have dedicated in-house technical support, employing the assistance of a managed IT support company is absolutely crucial. However, an IT management service can also complement your existing tech support. At the end of the day, the amount of technical support you receive will come down to the needs of your business.

But why do I need an IT support service?

When considering whether or not you should hire IT support, it’s important to have a good hard think about the amount of downtime your business can afford. If your systems crash, do you and your team have the know-how to resolve the issue? These days, most businesses and organisations are wholly reliant on their digital assets and IT infrastructure to get through the day. If you’re experiencing frequent downtime, your business could be suffering from a lack of productivity which can ultimately affect your overhead costs and profitability.

What are the benefits of managed IT support?

Convinced yet? Now we’ve got your attention, it’s time to talk about the benefits of managed IT support, and what they can do for your business operations.

Cost-effective & flexible 

Believe it or not, employing the assistance of an outsourced IT management service can drastically reduce your overhead costs. While employing an in-house tech expert will cost you a yearly salary plus benefits, outsourcing the management of your digital assets and infrastructure to a professional IT company gives you and your team access to a fully employed team of technical specialists – for a fraction of the cost. Think of them as your own outsourced tech department.

In addition, many professional IT support services offer flexible payment plans such as no-obligation short-term contracts. This means even smaller businesses without the same manpower and profits as a large corporation can benefit from the assistance of an IT support company.

Can I just train my staff?

Training your existing employees may be the obvious choice but the reality is this; do you really want your staff to forget about the tasks you hired them to do, so they can go and fix your technical issues? By outsourcing the management of your business technology to a professional service, your staff will have the time to focus on their own tasks – without the stress of having to fix your tech.

A single port of call

If your employees blow up your phone whenever there’s a technical issue or even worse, scramble and panic, you can rest assured knowing your IT support company will give your team a single port of call in the event of an unexpected crash. This easy accessibility can improve the performance of your employees and your tech, both of which will benefit from an efficient and effective resolution to any issues.

Disaster recovery

Having a thorough plan in place can be the difference between getting your business back up and running quickly, or facing extended downtime. In IT, disaster recovery is the process in which you and your team would retrieve your system and take back control. This could be anything from data recovery to network redundancy, as well as testing and planning your disaster recovery processes. An IT support company will be able to assess your current processes and identify any risks or issues that could pose a threat to the continuity of your organisation – and resolve those issues before they escalate.

Resilient infrastructure

As a business, you are most likely relying on your IT infrastructure and digital assets to get through the day. Depending on your chosen level of service, an IT support company will be able to manage your system and keep everything under constant surveillance, which will result in a more secure and resilient infrastructure. With increased security, you will be able to rest assured knowing your business is safe and secure with an offsite backup located away from your centralised office or workplace.  

Up-to-date software

Perhaps most pertinent, employing the assistance of managed IT support company will ensure your system is kept up to date. This includes your existing IT infrastructure and digital assets, as well as your management software and the system itself you rely on.

How do I find managed IT support?

The IT support your business will require will be dependent on your needs and specifications. Start with a simple search on your favourite search engines such as Bing, Google or Yahoo. Finding a service local to your enterprise will have its benefits even if you’re looking for remote support. For example, you might try searching for IT Support in Bristol or professional IT Support Plymouth. From there, it should be simple enough to narrow down the services available and find the perfect company that aligns with your own organisation.

Final thoughts

There is no denying the important role IT support has to play in our modern fast-paced world. From cloud services to IT consultancy, IT support companies offer a range of different bespoke services that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

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