Photovoltaic Modules: New Technologies Await You

Innovative minds never stop surprising. Especially when talking about the solar industry, innovation happens very often, if not every day. Solar panel companies like Nevada Solar Group, alongside voicing out the perks & benefits of solar panels and the sun’s energy, constantly update their blogs about novelties in the market to keep their customers up-to-date. After researching what the solar industry has prepared for its consumers in 2021, it is worth sharing with you – maybe a customer, maybe one who thinks to go solar. Anyways, such specialties need to be acknowledged by everyone! So, let’s proceed with the article and learn more about innovations in the solar industry. 

Floating Solar Panels

The price of silicon panels decreases while their efficiency increases every day. Taking such an advantage into account, experts did some research and came up with the idea that besides rooftops, PV panels can be placed on water bodies and provide even greater efficiency alongside multiple benefits. As a result, so-called floatovoltaics got created. These represent solar energy systems like PV panels but with a specialty of being constructed on dams, reservoirs, and any type of water body. One of the perks of floating solar panels is their capability to generate electricity of unimaginable amounts without being mounted on rooftops or other land-related bodies. Installing such panels come at a much lower cost than ordinary solar panel installation. On top of that, floatovoltaics generate electricity at higher efficiency of 10 percent. Such an increase in efficiency is explained by the water’s cooling effect. 

If PV panels solely aid solar power supply, floatovoltaics also aid environmental friendliness in the sense of water management. These panels take care of reducing the water loss to evaporation. How do they do that? By limiting the circulation of the air and blocking sunlight shining right at the water. What’s more, they keep away algae production which sustains the economy as treatment costs accumulate in savings for other needs. A huge plus with floatovoltaics is the decrease in requirements to clean panels. Water underneath floatovoltaics takes care of that procedure. 

Solar Skins

Never heard of these, right? Believe it or not, turns out that solar energy installation can come in custom designs. Solar skins are photovoltaic technology that incorporate PV panels and design in them. Even though these are being currently tested with the purpose of increasing their efficiency and perfecting them in terms of possibilities with design, solar skins manufacturers already make sales on these. Imagine if PV panel companies integrate these into solar panel kits. You get a bundle of solar equipment and end up designing your roof along with it. But, how do these supply solar power? Simply by getting the sunlight that comes at them and filtering it to make the sun’s light accessible for solar cells covered by solar skins. Due to the enhancement of the flirtation that solar skins have, these come with high efficiency. Better flirtation coupled with high efficiency and exceptional design are three novel features you can get from the solar industry. 

Perks and benefits of solar skins don’t surprise less than their existence. When talking about custom designs, just get that in its literal meaning. Suppose you want the technology to match the design of your roof tiles. No problem, solar skins will imitate the design. Thanks to the opportunity to imprint images and embed them into PV panels, an exact match between solar equipment and rooftop is now possible. On top of that, not only residents may benefit from solar skins, but also government offices and businesses. Any business or government office attempting to add solar skins on the buildings will definitely be differentiated among others. How is that possible? The specialty of solar skins regarding their capabilities to imprint and embed any image on PV panels let businesses and government offices picture logos, advertisements, flags, and other images on solar systems. That is, solar skins combine renewability and branding – two crucial aspects for the commercial part of the world. 

Final Note

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, innovations in the solar industry come really often, if not every day. Companies thrive towards expanding their expertise to make the solar industry a more competitive marketplace. As a result of such expansions, innovations like floating solar panels and solar skins are already introduced in 2021. If prior to this year PV panel installation has been possible on rooftops, now water bodies can be the base for panel’s installation thanks to floatovoltaics. If prior to this year, PV panel design has been limited, now even the roof tile pattern can be imprinted and embedded on the panel thanks to the invention of solar skins. 

Going solar has never been so fun. Go solar to feel the vibe, be innovative and sustainable!

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