6 Budget-Friendly Destinations for Spring

For the past year, many Americans have had to get creative to make ends meet. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to travel! With the end of this tough economic stretch in sight, here are some destinations for spring which are exciting and won’t break the bank.

Orlando, Florida

Home to several major theme parks, Orlando is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the country, especially for kids. Ordinarily, the cost of entry to these parks would add up quickly, keeping this city off of the “budget-friendly” list. Right now though, many theme parks have deals to attract customers post-pandemic. Take advantage of this to score yourself a low-cost trip for the whole family. Plus, it’s generally easy to find flights from Orlando, so if you’re having too much fun, extend the trip!

Outer Banks, North Carolina

This chain of islands off the coast of North Carolina has everything you need for an amazing spring vacay, but at a fraction of the cost of some of the more commercial beach spots like Miami Beach or Malibu. There’s so much space, so it’s easy to find a spot removed from the crowds. Just set up an umbrella and relax. If you’re hoping to be more active, Outer Banks has you covered too, with plenty of history, wildlife, and watersports to entertain every kind of traveler.

Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is sometimes overlooked on travel lists, even though it is full of amazing places to get away. With an up-and-coming food scene and plenty of budget-friendly places to stay, Phoenix is an excellent option if you’re hoping to explore a new city this spring. Since you’ll be there before the Summer heat, make sure you explore the natural beauty of Phoenix too. Check out the desert Botanical Gardens, one of the most unique and beautiful botanical gardens in the US, or go out hiking in any one of the many trails near the city. You’ll definitely be glad you did.

Denver, Colorado

This is another city that can be overlooked when it comes to planning a vacation, but for a fan of the Great Outdoors, you won’t find a better budget-friendly spot. The Mile High City is sunny almost every day and surrounded by mountains begging you to get out and hike. When you’re done, grab a nightcap in some of the best breweries in the country. Or, if getting Mile High is more your style, Denver has plenty of dispensaries in and near the city  which can help you (legally) chill while you’re in town.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago in the spring is one of the most lovely spots in the country. It has all of the benefits of a larger coastal city, but at a price that is friendlier to your wallet. Visit the Bean, a giant insta-worthy mirrored art installation that offers a spectacular view of the city skyline. Another classic way to see the city is by boat, on an architecture tour down the Chicago river. Just don’t forget to enjoy a Chicago-style hot dog or treat yourself to a deep dish pizza before you leave.

Austin, Texas

Springtime in Austin is the best time to visit, because you can check out the city before the Texas summer weather starts. For those traveling by car, Texas Hill Country is just a short drive west from the city and in the spring the bluebonnets will be in full bloom. Back in the city, the coolest (and weirdest) spots are also the cheapest, such as the Cathedral of Junk or the botanical gardens. Round it out with nightlife full of live music and lively dive bars, and spring break in Austin is guaranteed to be a good time.

Just because your budget is a little tight doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a spring trip all the same! Check out these spots for a getaway that will make you- and your wallet- happy.