Free Bets Guide: How To Claim Free Bets

Free bets are what you think they are! They are bets that you do not have to pay for. This means that, should you lose a wager, you are safe from losing money. Bookmakers (or bookies) use free bets to gain loyalty and entice customers to place bets with them. By so doing, the bookies incur the losses of a failed wager but are compensated in the long run from regular punters. This free bets guide would educate you on how these bets work, how to qualify for a free bet, and how to claim free bets.

How Do Free Bets Work?

Like regular bets, free bets require you to place a wager on a suitable selection with the bookmaker and against the same selection at a betting exchange. This means if you lose your free bet or lose at the betting exchange, these two bets would cancel out to help you win handsomely. The difference between these two forms of bets is that because you do not incur the cost of a free bet if you win the bet, your bookie would not refund the stake to you.

How To Gain A Free Bet

Since bookies are constantly competing for your allegiance, there is never a shortage of free bets. However, there are various steps you would need to follow to qualify for one. First, you would need to sign up and create an account with a bookmaker. After providing your details, you would need to register a valid payment option. Once you deposit money into this account, you can use the funds to place various bets. The value of your bet determines how much you would be given for a free bet.

How You Can Use Your Free Bets

There are several ways you can use a free bet. First, you can choose the relatively easier option of doubling your bankroll. Suppose you have a bet in mind. In that case, you simply place it with a bookie who will give you a free bet. You can also use your free bet on another likely outcome to increase your chances of making a win. Using matched betting, you can turn your free bet into money. This is done by placing a free bet on a specific outcome and then using a betting exchange to bet that that outcome would not occur.

How To Claim A Free Bet

You can claim free bets by using either a bonus code or a minimum deposit. The bookmakers can send bonus cards via email to the punter after the account has been registered. Punters can also get free bets at BookiesReviews and other numerous online advertisements. The minimum deposit range differs from bookie to bookie, with some as low as £5.

Betting offers an easy way to make money. However, you should remember that this does not ensure a win. Free bets provide a safer and surer way to place and claim bets. Be sure to hire the services of a reliable and reputable bookie.