High accuracy 3D local tracking added to Mixed Reality applications at Mobile World Congress

UK-based technology innovator Briteyellow is delighted to announce it is teaming up with cutting edge Spanish Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality specialist, 6Dlab.

The international partnership was announced at the Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, where the focus is on showcasing how mobile is creating a better future.

Fredi Nonyelu said: “Our partnership is a perfect fit between Briteyellow’s wireless and Indoor Location software innovations and 6dLab’s front end AR and VR applications, for clients across industry 4.0 and Smart Factories, marketing, training, education, and tourism.

Briteyellow’s Indoor Location platform Britelocate adds high accuracy 3D local tracking and visual guidance for both people and assets to Mixed Reality (MR) applications.

“This collaboration will enable us to create beautiful Mixed Reality applications with smart tracking and visual guidance faster. Applications include for example, the location and movement of people or valuable assets at tourist locations, factories, hospitals, airports, museums, shopping centres, universities and other settings”.

Juan Rivas, Managing Director of 6dLab said: “By bringing the power of Briteyellow’s indoor location software together with 6dLabs’ Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications, we can give our clients unrivalled access to location data that can transform their offer.”

Briteyellow’s real time local data capture and analytics allows clients to analyse movement data to a high level of detail. So, for example, the aggregated movement of shoppers can be tracked and analysed to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and improving the flow of people in indoor and outdoor environments.
Fredi Nonyelu added: “This is a very exciting collaboration for us. It is an opportunity to extend our technology platform not only to Spain but also to other Spanish-speaking markets in Latin America.”
“This is also a fine example of Briteyellow’s collaborative approach to bringing innovation to customers across the globe. We are delighted to partner with 6DLab and look forward to forging even more productive partnerships.”

Media Contact Details
David Tooley, Briteyellow Ltd
Cranfield, United Kingdom



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