The world isn’t flat and neither are our feet, yet we still wear footwear with a flat footbed!

For years we believed the world was flat until science taught us otherwise and for centuries we’ve continued to wear footwear with flat footbeds that don’t match the shape of our feet. However, all that is about to change as one ladies’ footwear brand has designed a footbed that mirrors the anatomical shape of our feet; bringing with it improved health and wellbeing to women across the globe.

British-designed Strive Footwear has launched their new Spring/Summer 2018 collection with its pioneering Biomechanical Footbed Technology™. The concept of a contoured footbed isn’t new to Strive having derived from 40 years’ experience within the foot orthotic industry.

Since launching the brand in 2014, they have been an instant success paving their way into the wardrobes of women who have increasingly become more style/health-conscious in recent years. They’re also making their way onto the feet of A List celebrities including Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet.

The contoured shape of Strives’ footbed has a number of benefits:

1. Comfort as nature intended – Comfort that isn’t artificially created through excessive cushioning. Instead, created by supporting the foot in the very position it is designed to be held in.

2. Improved pressure distribution – When you wear footwear with a flat foot bed, pressure is focused onto the heel and ball of foot (2 of the most common foot complaints). Whereas when you wear footwear with a contoured footbed, the pressure is dispersed evenly over a larger surface area.

3. Helps prevent excessive arch collapse – Both in the mid-foot and forefoot.

4. Helps improve posture and reduce harmful stresses placed upon your body and feet – a contributing factor to many common aches and pains.

As soon as you put on a pair of Strives you feel the difference straight away”, explains leading UK podiatrist Heidi Meckler. “A deep heel cup, contoured arch and forefoot support makes them addictively comfy and many women have found it difficult to revert back to wearing shoes without the support.”

Research shows that supportive footwear can lead to a variety of painful conditions. Research also shows that wearing a contoured footbed can help relieve pains and prevent pain from arising. Yet many of us still put style over practicality – but ladies, style doesn’t have to hurt anymore.

Strive Footwear is APMA approved and available at leading retailers across the UK including Shuropody and Debenhams.

High resolution lifestyle and product imagery can be downloaded here:

Additional facts and figures

• 1 in 3 people suffer with heel pain at some point in their lives
• 90% of podiatrists we spoke to said that cases of ball of foot pain increased during the summer due to wearing flat and unsupportive flip flops

Additional facts about Strive Footwear:

• APMA Seal of Acceptance Program recognises products that have been found beneficial to foot health
• 80% of customers who try Strive come back for additional pairs.
• All products use premium, natural leather that lets feet breathe and stay cool.

About Strive Footwear
Strive Footwear has derived from 40 years of knowledge and experience of its sister company, LBG Medical, crafting custom orthotics in its British laboratory. During this time, they’ve cared for over 5 million pairs of feet helping people from all walks of life from elite athletes to members of the royal family. Strive has re-designed footwear to incorporate its orthotic technology (Biomechanical Footbed Technology™) into a selection of premium, stylish footwear.

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