Millions of Brits have spent their winter saving for summer

Millions of Brits have spent their winter saving for summer – putting aside almost £500 for sunny day expenses, a study has found.

Two in five adults made the most of the rainy days by saving £485 to help cover the cost of having fun during the summer months.

Day trips was found to be a key summer expense, costing the average Brit £131 while a further £44 is spent on barbecue supplies.

Around £70 is splashed out on summer clothing, £23 on inflatables for a jolly to the beach and even £14 on ice creams.

The study, of 2,000 adults, also found £34 per cent will be spent in the summer sales – to get our wardrobe ready for winter.

Greg Tatton-Brown from online casino, which commissioned the study, said: “Summer can be an expensive time of year, and it is tempting to overspend when the sun is shining after the long winter months.

“It’s good to read so many are preparing for the warmer weather with a ‘hot pot’ fund, so the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun finally shines.”

But the research found overspending is a concern for many, as 43 per cent of Brits worry about the unchecked purchases they indulge in when the summer starts.

And a third admit they have a more care-free attitude towards their bank balance when the sun is shining.

Of these free-and-easy spenders, 42 per cent think the summer months allow them to go out and indulge in more exciting – and expensive – activities.

Two thirds also believe the brighter, warmer weather has a direct impact on their mood which makes them less likely to worry about the purse strings.

Despite this, 32 per cent generally consider winter to be the most expensive season, as costs around Christmas and other social events ramp up towards the end of the year.

One in five of those surveyed admitted they keep a strict budget through the summer months to ensure their spending stays on track, even when the nice weather tempts them to overspend on barbecues and trips to a nice beer garden.

It also emerged 38 per cent are planning to go on holiday abroad this year, dropping an average of £918 on travel tickets to get to their island paradise.

This chunk of change excludes spending money, with a typical holidaymaker saving up almost £560 for their trip to sunnier climes.

But in order to cover the costs for their ideal summer, sun-kissed Brits think they would need to have saved a buffer of £3,783 ahead of the sunnier weather to ensure they have enough funds to cover everything they want to do.

Greg Tatton- Brown added: “We know the coming months can be an expensive time and that every penny counts to maximise the fun over the often-fleeting British summertime.” are hosting a 20 day raffle with a daily £5000 cash prize draw, to give Brits the chance to win a nice little extra treat for summer.

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