Millions of couples have been at loggerheads with each other – over home improvements

Millions of couples have been at loggerheads with each other – over home improvements, a study has found.

A poll of 2,000 adults found around one in six have ended up rowing with their other half when decorating or renovating their home.

Sixteen per cent have disagreed over how much they should spend while almost one in five said either them or their partner was completely against getting the work done at all.

As a result, 47 per cent found their home makeover ‘stressful’.

Karen Lund of home improvement window specialists Independent Network, which commissioned the research, said: “We all know that home improvements can be disruptive, but we didn’t realise quite what the emotional impact could be.

“It seems women are more interested in attaining perfection, and men would rather not deal with the hassle.

Researchers also found women are most likely to suggest a home improvement – with 65 per cent saying it was them who made the first move compared to just 45 per cent of men.

But it’s blokes who are lumbered with getting the quotes, with seven in 10 saying the task usually fell to them.

Worryingly for them, more than one in 10 adults admitted they weren’t happy with the price they paid for the work in the end.

And almost one in 10 weren’t satisfied with the quality of work either.

As a result, 53 per cent of people regret not taking the time to get more quotes, with more than one quarter feeling they could have had the same job done for less money if they had shopped around.

A third even admitted to blaming their partner for not spending more time to get a wide range of quotes before giving the go ahead on the work.

It also emerged recommendations are the most popular way to find a contractor, ahead of simply ringing around to get some prices.

But of those who did get quotes, an average of three were collected before they made their mind up.

A brave 28 per cent of couples bypassed contractors and did the work themselves.

A new bathroom was found to be the most common home improvement to make, followed by a garden makeover and a new kitchen.

Other popular ways to improve the home include updating the boiler or the central heating or installing double glazing

Karen Lund added: “The network prides itself on its levels of service and workmanship when carrying out installations.

”The members are all experts in their field with years of experience and can help to take the worry out of the decision-making process.

“They take time to talk through the options and build trust with customers and the 97% customer satisfaction rating is testament to this.”

Top five most common home improvements:

1. New bathroom
2. Garden makeover
3. New kitchen
4. Central heating and/or boiler
5. Double glazing

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