Why people count on professional assistance for the chores

More and more people would prefer to pay for a domestic cleaning service rather than do the cleaning on their own. Some of the most booked services in the United Kingdom are end of lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and gardening services. Of course, there are people who have their ovens professionally cleaned every one in a while.

  • Nearly 35 percent of the households in the United Kingdom pay a housekeeper to do the domestic chores. 

  • Nearly five millions Brits now book a professional cleaning service which is a significant increase in comparison with 2011. 

  • Booking professional domestic assistance is no longer a thing which only the wealthy people can afford. In fact, it is becoming more mainstream. 

Studies indicate that one in three households count on professional domestic assistance with an average spend on £127 a month.

Nowadays, hiring a gardener or a housekeeper is an indispensable part of most families in the United Kingdom. About 17 millions of the British residents hire a cleaner to help them with the chores around the household. As a matter of fact, nearly 27% of the households on more strained budgets now book professional assistance.

The research reveals that 4% book handymen for simple tasks around the household, 9% hire housekeepers, 17% book gardeners service and 25% employ window cleaners.

The influx of migrants from other countries has led to a great number of cheap workers who are willing to give a hand to the Brits who do not have the time or energy to spare for doing the chores on their own.

The idea of booking cleaning services on a regular basis is something which is usually associated with what the wealthy people do but is getting more and more widely spread. Who would do the cleaning on their own when there are professional housekeepers who are willing to do it for a song?

Another thing is that researches show that twice as many Brits under the age of 35 have a housekeeper or a gardener in comparison with Brits above that age. Many people may believe that this is because of the laziness and lack of motivation of the young adults but other people believe it is because they are too busy funding life’s essentials. Living in a such dynamic world, it is getting harder and harder to spare time for doing the housework. It is why so many Brits would prefer to book a professional service rather than spending the little time they have dusting or vacuuming. All across the nation, working full time jobs and a fast-paced lifestyle are given as the main reasons for booking a housekeeper or a handyman. While one in three according to superendoftenancycleaners.co.uk thinks it is a lot easier to have somebody else to do the cleaning in the proper manner.

Most of the young people said they would spend their spare time with their friends or family than dust and scrub. There are some people who admit that doing the chores on their own is too boring so they count on professionals.

Another interesting fact is that researches show that majority of people (87%) would prefer to pay in cash.

One of the reasons why people would not employ professionals to do the tasks is that they feel concerned about letting in strangers in their homes. So if you are interested in booking a professional cleaning or maintaining service, make sure to verify if the company is certified and licensed. Check if the technicians are background-checked, bonded and insured.

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