8 Important Questions to Ask Your Junk Removal Service Before Hiring Them

The problem of garbage disposal has always been relevant and important. Of course, we cannot imagine any life activity without the presence of waste, this is how the world works and we will not change it. But we can definitely say that making the world a better and cleaner world is in our power. After all, it is most pleasant to be in a clean and ennobled atmosphere, without unpleasant odors and unnecessary things. This indicates a high quality of life.

There is garbage that is difficult to deal with on your own for certain reasons. This can be waste from repairs, building materials or organic waste in large quantities in factories, restaurants or services. Any of these options requires calling a special junk removal service that will professionally handle this issue, sort the waste and even give it a new life! In this way, you can do your bit to cleanse nature and produce something useful for people. Tempting, isn’t it?

But wait a minute. Before deciding on a company that will become your partner in this matter, let’s outline the criteria by which it is best to choose a cleaning service.

Question 1: What Type of Junk Do You Take?

The first important question is understanding what type of garbage you have and whether the chosen company can handle it. There are many services that do not work with hazardous waste or the disposal of electronic devices, but there are those that just specialize in this. Always pay attention to the specifics and specialization of the service.

Question 2: Are You a Licensed Company?

Question number two is related to the legality of the company and the availability of all the necessary documentation. Agree, this is a matter of your safety. You definitely would not want to let strangers into your house, because it can end up rather unpleasantly: from banal theft to more terrible things. Always check that the company has a license and all permits. Feel free to ask them: it is completely legal and normal. Only after you have read the license can you trust this company.

Question 3: Do You Recycle Junk?

The next question is no less important. This applies not only to your personal good, but also to the good of all civilization. It’s no secret that the issue of planet pollution is now more acute than ever. And recycling is one of the ways that you can improve the situation a little and rid the planet of unnecessary waste. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly whether the company recycles the collected waste or just throws it away. You should not cooperate with a company that does not participate in cleaning up the planet, because it is ecologically wrong.

Question 4: What Equipment and Tools Do You Have for the Job?

Another important point is equipment. If you have specific rubbish and special tools are required to clean it, check if they are available. Since if the company arrives at the place of work, and it does not have the necessary things, then the cleaning process will be delayed or even postponed. So it’s worth asking this question right away.

Question 5: How Much Do You Charge?

Payment, of course. This important aspect should also be clarified in advance, so that at the end of the cleaning it will not come as a surprise to you. In addition, it is worth choosing a company with average prices. Strongly overpriced may be unjustified, and overpriced can also be suspicious. Keep yourself updated on market prices and compare with competitors.

Question 6: Do You Have Insurance?

Insurance is another important factor that will protect you. Unforeseen situations can happen to anyone, and it is important to understand that you will be compensated for all the damage caused in the event of such.


Question 7: Can I Book You Online?

In the era of modern technology, is it important to meet customer needs in terms of comfort and simplicity? Every self-respecting company should have a website where you can view the services and book them online. This obviously increases the level of competitiveness.

Question 8: How Long Have You Been in the Business?

Experience and hours worked play a role in this matter. Companies that have proven the quality of their services for a long time always delight customers and are unlikely to sacrifice their reputation and disappoint you. For example, We-Junk has been in this field for 37 years! And this is impressive, because every year they have more and more clients – this means they are trusted.


By collecting all of these factors, you form the idea of ​​the ideal garbage collection company. Now you definitely won’t be wrong with the choice and entrust your home or office only to those who really deserve it!

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