What you need to know before hiring a carpenter

What you need to know before hiring a carpenter

A carpenter can help you with your home renovations – whether they are major changes or minor finishing touches. A carpenter can cut, repair and shape building materials to construct your renovation. Traditionally, carpenters work with wood. However, these days most carpenters also work with metal and other materials.

You can hire a rough carpenter for the basic framework of your renovation and a finish carpenter for the doors, roof and secondary structures. You can then hire a cabinet maker to create a bespoke piece for your new space. After all, you need a special finishing touch for the renovation.

You should take out renovation insurance before you start any work. Here is everything you need to know before hiring a carpenter.

Experience and qualifications

Speak to a few carpenters and ask for their portfolio and list of qualifications. They don’t need a degree in carpentry – but a few training courses are always an added bonus. They may have learned the trade formally or through others in the industry. You need to find a professional with a UK carpentry license. It’s a major risk to hire someone without the official stamp of approval.

Once you have checked over their qualifications, you can move over to their experience. You need to find someone who has worked on similar projects to yours before. Ask to see pictures of their work and lookout for a few client testimonials. You could even call some of their previous clients to get a more in-depth review.

Speak to a few people in your local area who have recently hired a carpenter. They can provide you with recommendations and show you the renovation first hand.

Will they be a fit for the tasks needed?

Ask your potential carpenters whether they have the skills and experience to do your renovation. For example, you may need someone to renovate your extension or build an outdoor barn. Share your initial ideas for the renovation with the carpenter and ask for any suggestions. You can get an idea of how they work and whether they are a good match for your project.


General carpenters tend to charge around £25 an hour for their services. The more experienced carpenters will often charge more money for their expertise and high-level skills. Take a look at your budget and find out how much you can afford to spend on a carpenter.

Hire a carpenter for your latest renovation project.