Best Things to do in Peru’s Sacred Valley

Lying some 15km North of Cusco, the sacred valley is a lush green valley, highly-priced for its rich agricultural lands. The Inca people inhabit this valley, and the Inca ruins are now dotted throughout the valley. The many authentic villages and towns surrounding this area have given the site a Peruvian feel. The rich history of the valley has made this place Peru’s favorite and a great place to acclimatize to the Cusco altitude. Discover one of the many Sacred Valley, Peru hotels to make sure your stay is a comfortable as possible.

Upon their visit to Peru, tourists have to come to this place to allow their bodies to adjust. What then do you do while in Peru?

Inca ruins and Pisac market

Pisa town was founded by a Spanish Conquistador, Viceroy Toledo, out of an Inca settlement. Pisac offers a top market packed with a wide range of locally produced arts and crafts. It’s such a perfect place for shopping. The ruins are located some 20 minutes drive from the town and are of fantastic quality worth your visit.  Spread over the large complex are religious, military, and agricultural buildings.

Ollantaytambo town and ruins

This is a beautiful town located at the sacred valley some distance from Cusco. It’s a popular destination with cobbled streets and charming cafes. While on holiday, you must pay a visit to the Hearts café for some coffee and snack, then the chocolate museum. Inca ruins is an outstanding stonework outside Machu Picchu. Used as emperor Pachacuti’s royal residence, the temple and fortress are a great place to visit while at the valley.

Mountain biking tours and rafting at the white river

Do you love adventure? You don’t want to miss out on white water rafting and mountain biking. Many operators offer a wide range of services, and thus you can enjoy some great rafting in Ollantaytambo and have a view of the Inca ruins. Mountain biking is another activity that you can enjoy while in this region. Here, you’re able to take in many Inca ruins like Pucapucara, Qenqo, Tambomachay, and X Zone as you cruise along the dirt roads and lovely trails.


Paragliding will give an incredible view of the entire sacred valley. You don’t need previous experience here- get a reliable operator, and you can enjoy a tandem glide. Your safety is crucial, and thus you must get a recommended operator.

The Maras and Moray

One of the most beautiful and exciting remains of the past can be found at the Inka ruins of Moray. It’s designed like some dug-out amphitheater, and it’s something that has baffled scientists as to what the site’s purpose was.  Some proven theory posits that it was built as a test lab for crops.

Then there’s Maras, a town near Moray’s ruins and famous for salt-evaporation ponds.  These have been in existence since the Inca period.

Don’t miss out on the Inca Cola.

It’s believed that Jose Robinson Lindley is the first to brew the Golden cola in 1935 and comes in a strange clear-green color. This cola-type is the Peruvian nation’s pride, and Coca-Cola owns the rights to drink but not in Peru.  And the test of the cola? – It’s for you to find out.

You’ve decided to take some time out of your busy schedule to go for a holiday and refresh? Choosing Peru’s Sacred Valley as your next adventure destination is the best decision you can ever make. Here, you have an opportunity to get lost in nature and unwind.

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