Leyton Gets Huge Boost to Local Economy From Luxury Serviced Office Provider Regent 88

Regent 88 3When thinking about what type of office to choose for your business, options such as co-working, and leased offices might spring to mind, but what about a luxury serviced office space?

It can truly be a struggle searching for that extra special office location for your business. Especially in the early years, as you try to balance each expenditure, whilst also providing a right locality for your team members, to feel comfortable and productive. This can be quite a daunting task, if you are based in or around the surrounding areas of Leyton in London, since there is a limited amount of office space solutions, to fit the needs of modern and diverse businesses.

The newly developed Regent 88 serviced office in Leyton, is a beacon to understanding the needs for the modern work environment. In Leyton, an East London suburb, this realisation has led to the development of the high-end office facility, which also serves the surrounding borough of Waltham Forest. The Regent 88 development, is another example of inward investment which is helping local communities like Leyton, modernise and transform.

The Regent 88 brand provides the very latest in high quality serviced office solutions. 24/7 access, flexible terms, professional reception services, virtual office solutions, co-working and a cost-effective monthly business lounge subscription.

Each dedicated office is provided with its own LED screen and presentation system, which allows customers to deliver high-quality presentations to their staff and clients. It also boasts a community-driven interactive platform which allows customers to book meeting rooms, manage their account, their IT and telecoms provision and also post “shout outs” for the complete network to view. As you walk around the facility, you will observe the attention to detail, which truly set it apart from its competitors. Through the Regent 88 parent company Daniel Johns Ltd, their internal interior design team have created a stunning environment which highlights how the sector is continually raising the bar, to provide a wider range of choice for their clients. Free Wifi, plus super fast fibre internet is provided throughout, with each floor supplied with its own luxury break room and communal area.

With the launch of the Regent 88 brand into the serviced office industry, it is a good time for a successful developer like the parent company Daniel Johns Ltd, to capitalise in this growing sector. The first quarter of 2017 provided very positive results for the industry, which relished in £5bn worth of commercial property dealings. In London the growth of the serviced office sector has accelerated through ever-evolving markets, fuelled by a booming digital economy. This increasing need for cost-efficient, flexible contract agreements has created a huge demand for flexible workspace options. In and around London the development of flexible workspaces has outstripped most parts of the UK. This is needed to support annual growth rates of 25%, which has largely been dominated by the creative and tech industries.

Centre Operations Manager, Lee Tyreman said, “We decided to develop our serviced office in Leyton, due to the great connections to central London and cost efficiencies of being located outside the city. We, together with our customers are creating a hub of thriving business, in the East London area”
Lee continued… “Leyton, London is an ideal location for us to launch our new brand of high end serviced offices. Each room is unique in their design, we have a range of hot-desking options and a stunning sky bar on the top floor, which is also available for private bookings… We truly feel the environment our team has created, will help inspire our customers to create and develop a buzzing hub of successful businesses.

About Daniel Johns Ltd.
Recognised as one of the UK’s leading property development companies, Daniel Johns Ltd boasts an expansive experience over 15 years. With this long-established history, Daniel Johns Ltd has grown into a dynamic company servicing a number of industries sectors. The group boasts developments in hospitality with DJ Suites Hotels, restaurants franchise Built and Rock Spice. Additionally, Daniel John Ltd has embarked on developing one of the most luxurious serviced apartment complexes in Manchester. The Regent 88 development brand signals another successful step forward in the evolution of the group

Companies and individuals with needs for furnished serviced offices in East London should contact our team at Regent 88.

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