New ASTM test method for oxidation stability is supported by the Anton Paar Rapidoxy 100

RapidOxy 100 Header Image PR fireThe first standard method for Anton Paar RapidOxy 100 has been introduced, especially for analysing the oxidation stability and decay of lubricating grease.

Oxidation stability and ultimately the shelf life is an important criterion for many products. With the RapidOxy 100 from Anton Paar this can be determined precisely. The measuring device was launched on the market at the beginning of this year. The measuring principle is based on how much oxygen can be absorbed and chemically bound by a product and has been in use across a wide spectrum of industries for over ten years.

Following requests from the grease and lubricant industry, The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) have published an official standard method with the RapidOxy 100 under the title “ASTM D8206: Standard test method for oxidation stability of lubricating greases – Rapid Small Scale Oxidation Test (RSSOT).” Preparation of the new method involved extensive inter-laboratory trials involving RSSOT users from across the USA and Europe.

The test procedure is quite simple. The technician fills four grams of the sample into a glass dish, puts it into the RapidOxy 100 and loads the device with pure oxygen under a pressure of 700 kPa. When heated up to a maximum of 180 degrees, the pressure drop in the measuring chamber is observed. The pressure drops because oxygen reacts with the sample and is this way consumed. Thus, the pressure drop is a measure for the oxidation and the “decay” of the sample.

The recently published ASTM standard method deals with the spoilage of lubricating grease. “Oxidation of the grease leads to a loss of lubricity; the grease becomes harder and can clump, for example. Furthermore, oxidation products can form that corrode or damage the machinery instead of lubricating it,” explains Gerold Tandler, head of product lines at Anton Paar ProveTec.

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This information is essential for both grease manufacturers and end users. The advantage of the RapidOxy 100 compared to competing products: “It is faster and much more accurate,” explains Gerold Tandler. The goal to create a new modern standard test procedure which eliminates the drawbacks of the existing methods has been achieved.

Please contact Anton Paar for further details on the RSSOT method and to discuss your potential application.