Mexican BiomiTech launches one of the world’s most innovative solutions to reduce air pollution

BioUrban 2.0 in road intersection. Puebla City, MexicoThe Mexican company that created the system was the Winner of Latam Edge Award 2018 , which took place during the London Tech Week in June this year.

BiomiTech, a Mexican company that specialises in microalgae air filtration systems, would like to invite you to take part in the launch of the company in the UK market by showcasing its award-winning BioUrban Range for the first time on UK and European soil.

The BiomiTech range and the Urban Forest Concept help to solve the problems that have been caused by outdoor urban air pollution and provides assistance for buildings and spaces with high CO2, poor air quality or need a change of air.

These products are intended for councils, corporations, land owners, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agendas, transport hubs (trains/buses/coaches), airports, indoor animal housing, schools,universities, healthcare establishments, mining operations, or anyone that would like to benefit from breathing clean oxygenated air.

“We are pinpointing air pollution hotspots, and those in the population who are most at risk from the harm and ailments that are caused by respiratory problems, and then working are way out from there. It is very easy to own, rent, or sponsor a tree in a high pollution hotspot,” says Emma Greenwood director of BiomiTech. “London has a small physical footprint, so it is a great place for us to start applying volumes of units. We can make not only clean local air spots, but also affect the atmosphere by sequestering substantial amounts of air pollution. We are doing this by calculating how much ambient air pollution there is and how many trees we would need in order to make a positive impact and bring air pollution emissions down, so as to meet current legislation within 5 years.”

For their launch, Biomitech chose the Clean Air Technology Expo in Birmingham, which take places on 12-13 September at Birmingham’s NEC. Biomitech will be exhibiting at stand 5L100. Orlando Monroy and Emma Greenwood, the spokespeople for the Global BiomiTech Project, will speak at 15:30 to 16:00 on Wednesday, 12th September, in Theatre 24 and will be available for interviews throughout the day. They said:

“We will discuss the problem of urban air pollution. Mexico has some of the world’s heaviest air pollution. We will show how BiomiTech have applied their knowledge innovatively to create the BioUrban range, which harnesses the power of microalgae that naturally feed on pollution. We will also be teaching microalgal feeding and growth cycles, why microalgae feed on the pollution, the outputs, i.e. oxygenated air, and how to creatively utilise and add value to the waste microalgae, as well as how to create a circular bioeconomy by creating biofuels from the algae biomass that feed on the pollution created by our modern urban activities.”

BiomiTech has been nominated for the 2018 Contamination Expo Series Awards in the Innovation category. This prestigious accolade recognises the contribution of cutting-edge firms across the contamination sector to the fight against the pollution of our planet’s land, water and air.

More quotes about BiomiTech are available.

About BiomiTech:
BiomiTech is a Mexican company that specialises in the development of microalgae-based technologies in order to counteract the harmful effects of air pollution.
The company was founded as a start-up in 2016. It now has branches in Latin America and is opening a new branch in London. BiomiTech won the Latam Edge Award 2018 as the most innovative company of the year. Please visit or contact us for more information.