Check air quality in your neighbourhood

Nowadays, more and more people take care about air quality. They simply do not want to breathe poor quality air and they are also more aware about pollution in their close neighbourhood. The company which will be described today is a leader in testing air quality and this article will tell more about it.

  1. Why people care so much about air quality?
  2. the most common products offered by Airly
  3. Who usually purchases Airly’s products?

Why people care so much about air quality?

These days more and more people are aware about air pollution and they want to do everything in their power to stop developing the air pollution. As an outcome, people often want to check the quality of the air in their neighbourhood so they often purchase air pollution sensor to find out how bad (or good) the air on their streets is. Only certificate sensors are able to answer questions regarding the air pollution and verify actions taken to improve the air status.

Every dweller of a huge city as well as a small village should know that many people die because of poor air quality. The latest research shown that about seven million people die as a result of the air pollution exposure caused by human activity every year.

At present many actions can be taken to improve the air quality in our neighbourhood and purchasing the air sensors that test the air every few minutes is a good first step.


The most common products offered by Airly


If you want to check air quality in a place where you live, you can order air quality sensor that will inform you about the current quality of the air. However, if you want to collect proper data, it is worth to purchase sensors that you can find at Airly is a leader in providing certificated sensors that can be found in many cities. Nowadays, the company provides three devices worth checking:

– Airly PM – it measures PM 1, PM 2.5 and PM 10. Moreover, the device provides some information on temperature, humidity and pressure.


– Airly PM +GAS type 1 – it is more advanced device than Airly PM. It gives information on PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10 as well as N02 and O3. Furthermore, the customers will have current data about temperature, humidity and pressure.

– Airly PM + GAS type 2 – the last air quality monitor worth checking provides detailed data about PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10 and SO2 &CO. There is also some information on temperature, humidity and pressure.

Every of air quality sensor has required certificates and due to easy assembly, they can be used right after purchasing. The devices are connected with the Internet so they can send updated data all the time. The users can read them at special website or using mobile application.

Who usually purchases Airly’s products?

The products that can be found at are dedicated to individual users, whole families, corporations, local authorities as well as government. It means that those devices can be bought by every person who really wants to take care about environment, starting with improving air quality and reducing smog in his/her local neighbourhood.

As you can see at the Airly’s website, the devices are mainly purchased by cities where more and more inhabitants want to make some changes about air quality.

It is worth to pay attention at the numbers that illustrate the huge scale of the project. At Airly’s website you may find the data:

– number of working devices – 3,000

– number of downloading mobile applications – 500,000

– number of Facebook followers – more than 11,000