FUL® Revive: The Brand New, Climate Positive, Sparkling Superfood Drink

Three climate-entrepreneurs, Julia, Cristina and Sara, have launched a range of delicious, versatile and climate-active sparkling superfood drinks in the UK this autumn. Initially available from www.FULsuperfood.com, it will shortly be widely stocked in shops, gyms and bars across the country.

Already a huge hit on the terraces and in fitness classes in Amsterdam, FUL® Revive is low in calories, has no added sugar, and contains a powerful serving of natural nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes obtained from spirulina*. The drinks are truly unique in that they taste amazing and drinking them positively impacts our planet one sip at a time. The production of FUL® Revive helps heal the planet by a process called “CO2 recycling”.*

The founders, who met while completing their MBA’s, won a startup competition which allowed them to realise their dream. Together, they have created an innovation in food and drink technology: their new ingredient FUL®, crafted from a proprietary biorefinery process of sustainably harvested spirulina.

FUL® Revive is a versatile sparkling drink available in three refreshing flavours – white peach, lemon and ginger and lime & mint. Suitable for any time of day, they can provide an invigorating pick me up after a heavy workout or served as a refreshing drink to simply be enjoyed on its own. It also makes for an eye-catching addition to cocktails or when mixed with your favourite gin, rum or vodka.

CEO Julia Streuli said “FUL® Revive has the feeling of a sparkling soft drink, with the health benefits of a juice (minus the sugar). What we eat and drink everyday matters and presents an opportunity for us as consumers to make a difference. Our vision is to unlock the potential of a climate active food source by making products that don’t compromise on convenience or taste.”