Unveil – the Anti-Tinder dating app that reveals your match through the power of voice

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Unveil is a unique dating app where your profile picture is initially blurred and the pic is gradually revealed the more you converse with someone.
To make things more interesting, users are only allowed to communicate with one another through voice messages. This creates an environment where people can be authentic and make genuine connections.

In 2017 Apple named Unveil in their list of ‘New apps we love’ and the app which was also featured in the Huffington Post has now launched in the UK and Ireland. Think of it as the dating version of television talent show ‘The Voice’.

How the Unveil App works:

1) Download the App and browse through voice introductions

2) To connect, send a voice message to who you’re interested in, both parties profile pictures will remain blurred

3) The more you talk to each other, the more the profile picture will gradually get unveiled.

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Both parties are required to get to know one another a little before they are judged on a picture alone, this reduces the spamming that takes place with other online dating apps.

This unique dating app puts personality first, giving it more depth than the usual dating apps.

We want to bring back conversations.

In a recent survey carried out by www.GetUnveil.com , out of 319 people questioned, 47% like to flirt via text messages with the remaining 53% preferring to talk.

Here at Unveil, we believe in the power of voice which is why we created the Unveil Dating App.

There is more honesty in a voice than there is with a photoshopped profile pic and no amount of smiley face emojis can replace the tone of a person’s voice for attractiveness.

The Unveil App is free to download via the App Store and Google Play and it’s free to use, there are thousands of voice introductions to listen to, so go on get that conversation started!

Check it out at https://getunveil.com/.

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