A Beginners Guide – How to Create a WordPress Website

Are you thinking about joining the league of 450+ million WordPress website users?  Perhaps you want to start a blog, or maybe you’re motivated to sell products or services online.  Whatever your desire, WordPress is a fantastic option for beginners in terms of creating a stellar website.  Read further for tips on starting out with a WordPress website, and why it’s a great option if you are new to website building.

Why WordPress is a Smart Choice

Since its release on May 27th, 2003, WordPress (WP) has consistently improved its standards, thus improving the productivity of millions of web designers and web publishers online.  The main reason for this is WordPress’ commitment to providing web developers easy to use, open-source solutions in a highly integrated content management system (CMS). 

Today, WordPress is the most popular CMS available in the world because it is affordable and extremely user-friendly, allowing even the least savvy beginner to easily build an impressive website.  Furthermore, due to its enduring history and flexibility, there are loads of plugins, widgets, and features any user can easily incorporate into a WordPress site.

What Every Beginner Should Know About Starting a WordPress Website

It doesn’t matter if you’re blogging for bucks or launching into an ecommerce website, WordPress is an exceedingly excellent CMS to get you on the road to online success.  That said, there are some things you need to know in order to start your online endeavors with WP. 

Snag Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your URL address.  It’s what visitors will type into their web browser or search for when they’re looking for your WP website.  What’s essential about choosing a domain name is that it should embody your brand, motto, and purpose.  It should also be easy for users to search online. 

Find out if the domain name is available. If not, revise your search.  It might also help to focus your URL with a keyword.  For example, if your WP site is primarily about floral arrangement advice, then start with that keyword or phrase to make your URL more appealing to both visitors and search engines.   

Start With the Right Hosting Service

After you’ve found the ideal domain name, it’s time to get a hosting service that will meet you and your website’s needs.  You have many different options here.  Obviously, it’s recommended to use a reliable WordPress hosting service that can give your website the speed and support you need starting out and moving forward.

It’s important to go with a reputable hosting service that gives you adequate bandwidth (for speed), website backup capabilities as well as the flexibility to upgrade in the future when your WP site starts to gain more traffic.  You also need to be assured your hosting service provides adequate customer service.  There’s nothing worse than having website troubles without proper tech support on your side.

Select Your Website Theme

Now you’ve got your URL and a high-integrity WordPress host, it’s time to get to the creative side of your website.  We’re talking about choosing a theme for your new site.  There is a fine line between website design and development. Design deals with aesthetics.  Development is about growing your site with quality content (which we will get to in a moment).

The beautiful thing about starting with a WordPress site is that you have access to tons of themes exclusive to WP.  Whether you want to launch a travel blog or start a consulting site for automobile repairs, you are bound to find a theme that suits your design needs.

Start Adding Quality Content

Once you have your theme selected, it’s time to add high-quality content.  This entails creating top-notch, valuable blog posts that will appeal to your demographic.  You can get inspired by Googling blog post ideas for your niche.  For instance, if your WP site is about “politics and healthcare” you should let that be your guide for both your website design and content.

You might also want to consult search engine optimization (SEO) resources such as Google Analytics or Semrush to find ideas about writing content pertaining to profitable keywords. 

This is a long-held strategy in the website building world. It involves searching for keywords and phrases in your niche that are in high demand and low supply.  Once you find keywords that show promise, write articles focused on that keyword or phrase. 

There Are No Limits to Your Potential

This beginner’s guide to building a WordPress website is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of getting off the ground.  As you progress in your online ventures, you will likely find a lot more tools and tricks of the trade. 

However, when you have a solid domain name and a reliable hosting provider in place, you’re already in a better position for success.  The rest is up to you and nurturing your WP website into something incredible. To be sure, there are no limits to having a successful WordPress website online. It’s all down to how motivated you are, and your devotion to carving your niche on the internet.

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