6 Most Anticipated Tech Innovations

If you’re out of the loop, then we’re here to update you on the latest news on technology’s venture and expansion to greater heights. That’s why we’ve listed down some very soon-to-be innovations that are close to being commercialized if they manage to develop them successfully. 

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Moving on, here are six mind-blowing innovations just out of reach: 

1. Hyperloop

Another innovation by Elon Musk, Hyperloop, is an ultra-high-speed train in the making. It will be a train sealed in a system of tubes with very low air pressure. The low air pressure will help the train travel through the tube with very low resistance and friction, allowing it to travel faster. This is the main concept of Hyperloop. 

It’s supposedly going to be traveling at speeds like 700 mph (1100 km\h), which is a revolutionary speed standard compared to modern-day trains. For example, Hyperloop could travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 30 minutes. That’s faster than an airplane flight there.

Hyperloop will be first set up in Los Angeles, Dubai, and Mumbai, according to Elon Musk’s plans. If Elon’s plans work, and his train innovation proves successful, the face of transportation will again be changed and upgraded to its new era. We may be able to decrease transportation times by half, which is an amazing feat altogether. 

2. Autonomous Driving

Sure, Tesla is known for pioneering the driverless car concept, but companies like Waymo and Alphabet are paving the way for the path of autonomous driving as well. The manufacturing of fully autonomous vehicles is the goal of these big companies. Elon Musk even plans to release autonomous taxi cars in the very near future, maybe around 2-3 years. 

Autonomous cars will be capable of doing a lot, here are some examples:

  • Data capture analytics, which will be possible through the use of cameras and built-in screens 
  • Automated braking 
  • Capability to change lanes

The successful creation of a perfectly automated car that will not be prone to systematic errors, and will be protected from the malice and possibility of being hacked, will be a revolutionary step in the automobile world. This possibility is currently very close to humanity’s reach.

3. New Age of Computing

It’s anticipated that quantum computing will be commercialized by the year 2025, which is major news on the part of daily civilians. Quantum computers are nothing like regular computers. For example, quantum computing enables quantum chemistry. 

Quantum chemistry enables the simulation of very complex reactions between chemicals. This is a feat that the drug development industry will certainly be excited about. Quantum chemistry could also revolutionize the design space of the automobile industry and the architecture industry. It might be able to help find the best designs and materials to build sustainable architecture and transport. 

Long story short, quantum computers will be able to reduce the time innovations spent in the lab. Research and development processes will be highly sped up, granted that the authorities are able to set up and handle the quantum computing devices properly. 

4. Bioprinting

Bioprinting is the 3D printing and production of synthetic parts that can help provide patients with parts that they might have lost or are in need of. Bioprinting can also help the production of exoskeletons, which are basically extensions that further enhance human strength and capability.

5. 5G Technology

5G is a term that many people have heard, but we’ll dive into what it truly signifies. 5G, in the simplest terms, is the improvement and next level of 4G. 5G wireless networks have many expectations to meet. It is the future of communication. A future that is already happening, and has already been commercialized and used by some companies. 

5G’s speed is expected at 20GB per second. This will be an improvement to what we’re used to. Download times will be significantly reduced. Currently, the downloading time for most files starts at MB per second, which is why it takes longer. But 5G can help download extra-large files in a matter of seconds. That’s revolutionary.

6. Distributed Cloud Services 

Cloud storage is already used and advocated by many industries since it’s practical and less costly than having your own physical servers trying to store, back up, and collect all the data of your company/business. Distributed Clouds are similar. They help connect cloud services to specific locations.

Distributed clouds are public cloud computing services that enable users to run public cloud infrastructures in multiple locations. This means you’re not only running it through your cloud provider’s infrastructure but through other cloud provider centers as well. This will all be managed through one single control center. 

Final Thoughts 

Not elusive or complete sci-fi fantasy, the innovations we’ve listed above are close to being fully realized in our current reality and timeline. There’s much to be seen and discovered, and these anticipated technological innovations will slowly shape the new world of technology.

It’s good to consider that while we may be making impressive progress in the tech sector, we need to maintain our ethics and boundaries with the use of technology. Our inventions should be owned by us, and not own us. The rapid growth of tech comes with a price.