Apple Require Gambling Companies to Recreate their Apps

Early this year, Google announced that it would make gambling apps available to American users. Several months later, Apple followed suit and announced that it would agree to host all gambling apps. They gave best Arab casino publishers until September 3rd to recreate their apps on the IOS system rather than their native wrapper, HTML5. However, there is a condition stipulated by the App Store, which is that it will not allow apps that provide access to real money games or lotto. So, all casinos must provide games specifically designed to work on IOS devices, meaning that gambling companies and game companies should recreate their products from scratch!

Some casinos have tried to overcome this obstacle by only offering “bonus apps”. Through these apps, the user can get a bonus then resume playing on the web-based casino platform.

Most of the gambling apps available on the App Store run on HTML5 encoding, which is an easier and faster tech. Also, it is compatible with multi-platforms and operating systems, thus developers don’t need to make their work more than once!

However, it seems that Apple doesn’t like HTML5 format, thus it gave apps publishers until September 3rd to re-develop their products on IOS.

Gaming Companies Refused the Deadline!

Betfred and other giant gaming companies say this will take much longer than the deadline, saying; “Three months is absolutely not enough to re-build a sports betting app that has all the features our customers need… It’s an unrealistic challenge”. Therefore, Apple acquiesced to their demands and extended this period to December of this year.

These guidelines apply to all apps currently in the App Store. Also, they apply to any new apps that may be published by the end of the current year.

Some analyzes indicated that apps that are not compatible with Apple’s new policy will be maintained until the end of the current year. Then they will be removed even if they have paid the store fees! Also, these apps will not be able to send updates to their customers.

Why Gaming Companies Have to Comply With These Regulations?

Although these regulations seem unfair, global game companies are obliged to enforce them as most gamers are turning to their mobile devices more than ever. According to many statistics, 90% of American gamblers will switch to using their smartphones within the next 10 years. So, Apple unknowingly put gaming companies into a competition where the winner is who can deliver optimized apps faster!

Why Would Apple Want Developers to Use Its Own System?

As Elon Musk said a few weeks ago, Apple seeks to keep its tech “in a walled garden where no one can get close, and those inside the garden can’t use anything outside!”

This principle applies to app publishers and users as well. For example, if you buy AirPods, you will find that they offer additional features when used through an iPhone. Likewise, Apple does not want its store to contain apps that use open-source tech such as HTML5 and prefers that everyone use Apple tech.

Apple claims that the IOS system will enhance reliability and security and provide more functionality and faster speeds. However, developers believe that HTML5 is the best and easiest encoding system at the moment and can be used across multiple platforms with high efficiency.

For example, if there is an HTML5 game, it can be played on the IOS app. Android app. The PC casino platform as well. However, writing a single game in a new programming language is very expensive and takes a lot of time. Although it may be beneficial for operators, in the long run, it also consumes a lot of their resources!

How to Enjoy Playing on the iPhone?

Whether you prefer sports betting or casino games, playing through the browser will be more convenient; Because you will be able to access all the games and betting options easily and simply unlike apps that usually do not offer you all the functions available and options on the Platform!

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