How to clean Persian carpets

Beautiful and decorative carpets also require a lot of maintenance to fight the most stubborn dirt. Find out how to clean carpets at home effectively, naturally and economically.

Carpets are among the most used and most appreciated furnishing elements to create atmosphere and define the style of a home. The sore point? The cleaning. Knowing how to clean carpets is important, because it allows them to extend their life by preventing them from becoming a receptacle for dust, mites and microbes. Periodic and constant maintenance of the carpets would be good practice, in order to eliminate bad smells, sanitize them and restore brightness to the colors. Dust, crumbs and dry dirt that nestle among its fibers must be removed daily: just a quick and light pass with the vacuum cleaner, a couple of times a week, or the classic carpet beater, however, not recommended in the case of valuable carpets.

For a deep cleaning, to be done every six months, you can proceed with the washing of the carpets in specialized centers, more expensive, or at home with natural and economic methods. In this case, however, we must be careful: not all carpets are the same and everyone needs a different treatment to be cleaned. In some situations you would need the carpet cleaning London service.

How to clean Persian carpets

With their characteristic colors and designs in the most classic oriental style, Persian rugs embellish and warm every room in the house: living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, corridors and even bathrooms.

Cleaning Persian rugs and classic rugs in general is not a difficult operation, but since they are fine rugs they require more care and attention, in order to preserve their beauty for a long time.

Tips for cleaning a fine carpet

– Do not use chemicals: the fabric of Persian rugs is very delicate, which is why the use of natural and non-aggressive substances that do not damage it, such as bicarbonate, is more suitable;

– Use a vacuum cleaner: for normal cleaning it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner at minimum speed, without circular brushes and possibly with a spout suitable for fabric and carpets;

– It is forbidden to slam the carpet: the use of the carpet beater is not recommended, because it can damage the fibers, it is better to turn it upside down so that crumbs, animal hair and other dirt residues fall on the floor;

– Wash with cold water: to thoroughly clean the carpet and revive the colors, use 1 liter of cold water and half a glass of white vinegar (and a little neutral soap). Gently rub with a slightly damp cloth always following the direction of the hair. Finally, rinse briefly with water only to remove all the vinegar remains.

No sun: under no circumstances should they be exposed to the sun, at the end of cleaning, spread the carpet in an area away from direct sunlight, and let it dry, turning it upside down from time to time.

Preserving the beauty, hygiene and cleanliness of the carpet is a matter of simple daily precautions. It is not necessary to resort to an expensive professional washing to clean and take care of the carpets we have at home. In fact, there are many do-it-yourself solutions, cheaper and more natural, which equally ensure excellent results without risking ruining them forever.