What is the fastest internet speed in the world?

With the advancement of technology, the sky is the limit. We see improvements in TV and internet services with the passing times as newer and better technologies keep unfolding. Nowadays it is no luxury to enjoy a never-ending list of exciting channels offered by outstanding cable packages like Silver package Spectrum, or experience blazing fast internet speeds as fast as up to 1 Gbps offered by plans like Spectrum Internet Gig for instance. So high-speed internet or high-quality TV services have become a part and parcel of our lives, unlike the previous times when users had to compromise much on the internet speeds because of fewer options. Ever since the creation of the internet, there have been consistent efforts to maximize speeds as much as possible. The quest continues to date as we see researchers setting new records of blazing fast internet speeds. They keep on surprising us with their findings on how fast we can get when it comes to internet speeds. Recently there have been new findings as researchers have recorded the fastest internet speeds so far. Let us get a closer look at how fast can the internet get possibly so far?

Recently a team of researchers has claimed to set a new record of incredibly fast internet speed up to 178 terabits per second.  This can allow you to practically download as much as 1500 4K movies in merely a second! Sounds unreal right! But it is true! This has fast-tracked the world’s telecommunication industry and pushed the possibilities to a new level.

Such rocket fast internet speeds turning into a reality can be a savior to reduce the pressure on the world’s internet infrastructures. This super-fast speed is roughly twice as fast as the world’s fastest internet previously available.

Ever since this new record has been set up, there have been plans to incorporate this newer technology used to achieve such incredible speeds, into the existing optical fiber infrastructure and observe better results.

As we know that nowadays the optical fiber come with amplifiers that prevent the light signals from degradation. By adding the newer technology to these amplifiers would require lesser expenses as compared to replacing the entire fiber network with it. So efforts are being made on how this existing infrastructure can be upgraded to achieve this incredible fast internet speeds.

Having said that, if we talk region by region, we observe that Europe can be regarded as the region with the highest number of countries that enjoy blazing fast internet speeds. The places include Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, Hungary, Malta, Denmark, Sweden, and others.

On the other hand, the Asian countries in general that enjoy lightning fast internet speeds include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Macau, India, and others.

Talking about the ten countries with the fastest internet, Liechtenstein has the highest speed internet in the world that has an average speed of 229.98 Mbps. The general perception is that having the fastest speed internet means having the best internet in the world. On the other hand, the country with the slowest speed internet is South Sudan with an average speed of 0.58 Mbps. Other countries with slow internet connections include Yemen, Turkmenistan, Syria, Ethiopia, Somalia, and others.

Among the Middle Eastern countries, UAE, Israel, Qatar have high-speed internet with average speeds up to 28.3, 26.4, and 23.9 Mbps respectively.

No doubt the overall global internet speed has become faster as we see developed countries making greater contributions through established infrastructure and better technology.

It will be true to say that countries with the fastest speed internet are generally the ones that are smaller in size but more developed. The bigger and less developed the country, the slower its internet speed.

Wrapping Up

The internet speeds are getting better and better as scientists are researchers from the world are coming up with more technological advancements. European countries as a whole have higher average internet speeds. So Europe does dominate in terms of developed infrastructure for faster internet speeds. Liechtenstein is thought to have the fastest internet speed of 229.98 Mbps on average. The smaller and more developed countries have better broadband speeds as compared to larger and less developed countries.

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