Abendroth Fortel Releases the Crude Oil Market Assessment

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Abendroth Fortel, a leading financial services adviser and a well-reputed commodity broker aiming to provide its clients with an array of investment opportunities in the commodity markets, today announced the publishing of the updated crude oil market analysis.

The crude oil market evaluation from Abendroth Fortel is an authoritative and timely source of data, projections, and analysis on the global oil market, with complete statistics and insight on oil supply, demand, inventories, prices, and refining activity.

“Abendroth Fortel’s Research Department always strives to provide the right information and the latest analysis at the right time to our customers in order to help them make better investment decisions”, said Ling How Haron, Head of the Research Department for Abendroth Fortel.

The recent balances have tightened due to upward revisions to the demand forecasts and a slightly lower outlook for world oil supply, but they still show a surplus. Recently, robust demand, unplanned supply outages, and significant stock decreases pushed benchmark oil prices to impressive highs.

Indicators of mobility are still strong, and oil demand has been higher than predicted in recent months. As a result, current demand projections have been adjusted accordingly. The world’s oil demand is now expected to increase, compared to prior levels.

In terms of supply, disruptions and output deficits by several OPEC+ members are affecting growth forecasts for the near future. World oil supply has recently increased modestly, as outages in some regions and a lower-than-anticipated increase from OPEC+ wiped away much of the planned expansion. The gap was mostly caused by under-production in a number of countries, all of which were dealing with technical and operational challenges. For the first time since record cuts were imposed, other producing countries pumped below their quota.


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Abendroth-Fortel.com is one of the leading financial services advisers and a well-reputed commodity broker. The primary aim of the firm is to provide its clients with an array of investment opportunities in the commodity markets. Abendroth Fortel provides an unparalleled range of services like commodity trading, financial advice, alternative investments, and forex trading for both local and global investors to meet their diverse requirements. The firm’s professional staff is trained to handle the highest level of service for customers of all sizes and requirements. Abendroth Fortel prefers challenging tasks that allow the company to work on the edge of its capabilities.

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