Best 5 Projects to Start Dealing with Crypto in 2022

If you want to earn a lot of money and have real fun, you should try crypto projects. Many of them come in the form of games of all genres. It is a true pleasure for all gamers. You can, however, opt for passive income by investing in other funds and projects. To be sure you do everything correctly and profitably, find a reliable crypto broker.

Thus, you may collaborate with Chainbroker. It is a great crypto platform that offers updated facts about the best projects you can try right now. Thanks to the data gathered on this platform, you will always know what project to opt for to earn a lot of money. In the meanwhile, we would like to introduce 5 promising crypto projects you should surely follow in 2022.

Heroes of NFT

Our first suggestion is called Heroes of NFT. It incorporates the best and latest NFT features. You can create an amazing virtual world and rule it to your liking. The main advantages of this promising crypto project are as follows:

  • Extra customization for demanding gamers;
  • Complete decentralization;
  • A lot of various in-game items;
  • PvP and P2E modes;
  • Rewarding events;
  • Great tournaments.


The second recommendation is to try MetaFighter. It is about battling in the arenas of all shapes and kinds. You will have a vivid selection of heroes with superpowers. As you understand, you earn tokens when you win fights. Make allowances for the next features offered by this project:

  • A lot of incredible and unique skins;
  • A rich selection of fighters with superpowers;
  • A user-friendly interface;
  • Great speed and boosted gameplay;
  • 24/7 customer support and availability;
  • Incredible graphics, etc.


This crypto project surely differs from the rest. It was created in 2009, in Sweden. It was created to support music artists. Fans can support their favorite, rising stars by sending tokens via this platform. Thus, you may act on the behalf of a producer or manager. This project offers:

  • Vivid NFT features;
  • CO wallet;
  • Fan power and song shares on the blockchain;
  • Public launch;
  • P2E mode.


You should pay attention to another unique crypto project called Zone. It is the first ecosystem game for users. It combines ecosystem and on-chain technology. Its main benefits are as follows:

  • Free-to-play mode;
  • Play-to-earn mode;
  • On-chain approach;
  • NFT features;
  • Farming;
  • Smart interface;
  • Various upgrades, etc.


We will end our overview with an interesting crypto project called Affyn. It is an amazing mobile game. It is based on blockchain and metaverse. Here are its major advantages:

  • NFT features with the options of selling, exchanging, and buying;
  • Mobile geolocation-based gaming;
  • In-game tokens and all kinds of events;
  • Full customization of the gaming process;
  • Play-to-earn and free-to-play options;
  • Sustainable game economy;
  • Impressive graphics;
  • Advanced augmented reality;
  • The use of blockchain technology and metaverse technology.

Summing Up

Use any of these options. They are very profitable and each promises a lot of money. Try them all to decide which one can satisfy your gaming and financial appetites.

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