Treasure Island Foods Relocating Clybourn Store

Chicago, Illinois -Treasure Island Foods, Inc. announces the relocation of its grocery store on Clybourn Avenue. The store will be closed starting September 10, 2018 and will be converted into an alternate use. The new Treasure Island Foods store location will be announced in the coming months. Palmarium Retail Management Group, which manages the Treasure Island Foods’ Clybourn store property plans to announce a new tenant for the space soon, which will bring added value to the community.

“The decision to close the store was not an easy one and was made after long deliberation and for the good of the entire organization. We understand that this decision has implications for both our employees and the neighborhood,” said Treasure Island Foods’ president, Christ N. Kamberos Jr. “In an effort to retain as many Treasure Island Foods’ team members as possible, we offered continued employment to nearly every employee with the option of transferring to one of our other store locations.”

Treasure Island Foods continues to expand its operations through Palmarium Retail Management Group and strategic partnerships with outside developers. The grocery chain is proud to serve numerous communities across Chicagoland since 1963.


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