These are the most popular things Brits have never tried

Millions of Brits have never put up a shelf, poached an egg – or even tried sushi, it has emerged.

Experts who carried out a detailed study among 2,000 Brits also discovered many have never attempted to change a lightbulb.

Furthermore more than one third of Brits have never had a one-night stand, and one in four have never pitched a tent.

Incredibly another third haven’t had the confidence to eat a meal in a restaurant by themselves and 22 per cent have never successfully poached an egg.

Overall the figures, from the research commissioned by YO! Sushi, show around 53 per cent have never tried sushi, with over half of sushi virgins believing the Japanese dish is ‘just raw fish’.


Liverpool, Portsmouth and Norwich were revealed as the top three UK cities with the biggest sushi virgin population.

Edinburgh leads the foodie pack with 60 per cent having eaten sushi.

The study, carried out via, also revealed the average Brit pops their sushi cherry at the age of 31.

Luisa Fernandez, Marketing Director at YO! Sushi, said: “We are proud to have introduced sushi to the UK 21 years ago, when Britain was a nation of sushi virgins, yet to discover its fresh and healthy variety and millions have been loving it ever since.

“To the 53 per cent of the UK who are still sushi virgins, we want to prove to you that sushi is so much more than just raw fish.

“We have over 80 delicious dishes at YO!, with actually more non-fish dishes than fish – so we can guarantee there is something for everyone.”

* This month sushi virgins can lose their L-plates with an exclusive invitation to sample one of 10 sushi dishes at YO! for just £1.

Tried sushi
Broken wind in a work meeting
Done the walk of shame
Won a toy in a claw machine
Cried in public because of a song
Deleted a post on social media because it had a low number of likes
Had a one-night stand
Eaten at a restaurant alone
Pulled a fake sickie at work
Put up a shelf
Re-gifted a gift that was given to you
Put up a tent
Successfully poached an egg
Read a newspaper front to back
Pressed send on a text then immediately regretted it
Changed the ink in a fountain pen
Put together a piece of flat pack furniture
Baked a cake
Skipped a stone across water
Thrown a coin in a wishing well

1. Liverpool
2. Portsmouth
3. Norwich
4. Birmingham
5. Chelmsford
6. Wrexham
7. Sheffield
8. Swansea
9. Leeds
10. Cambridge