Renowned Mental Health Coach Piers Day Introduces the ‘Life Talks’ Podcast Series

Piers Day, a distinguished figure in the field of mental health coaching, has recently launched an insightful podcast series entitled “Life Talks with Piers Day.”

This series is designed to empower both teenagers and their parents in addressing the prevalent issues of stress, anxiety, and depression. Through a blend of personal narratives, expert advice, and actionable strategies, the podcast aims to foster mental wellness.

In the first episode, Piers Day engages in a heartfelt dialogue with entrepreneur Jim Francis, delving into early life experiences, the impact of parental separation, and challenges with anger. This profound discussion highlights the critical role of supportive networks and open dialogue in surmounting mental health hurdles. Piers is keen on informing parents about the various avenues beyond medication that can be pursued to alleviate their children’s psychological distress, advocating for tailored coaching and support as viable alternatives.

Additionally, Piers Day spearheads, a pioneering platform dedicated to aiding individuals in their journey to quit smoking. The platform offers a range of resources including hypnosis recordings, a comprehensive three-module course, and a premier one-on-one session with Piers, available both in-person and online. The unique promise of a complimentary session within six months should the individual resume smoking underlines the confidence in this approach’s efficacy, which is underscored by a non-judgmental philosophy and has shown significant success in helping clients break free from addiction.

Despite personal health adversities, Piers remains committed to his cause. Currently recuperating from a heart condition, he is poised to resume full operations by March, extending his support to students grappling with exam stress.

With a wealth of expertise developed at the Cambridge College of Hypnotherapy and insights gained from leading change experts, Piers Day is recognized as an authority in Hypnosis and NLP training. The transformative impact of his methods is evidenced by the testimonials of his clients.

One client shared their heartfelt appreciation, saying: “Thanks for the help; I have realised the Orwell bridge is for driving over and not for jumping.” This powerful feedback highlights the profound influence of hypnotherapy in dissuading suicidal ideations. Another testament to Piers’ work is the story of a young individual who, once prone to severe anger outbursts, now engages in constructive communication with their parents and has shifted from receiving detentions to earning merits.

Piers Day champions alternative solutions to mental health care, firmly believing that “99% of people do not necessarily require medication to address mental health challenges.” His holistic approach incorporates hypnosis, meditation, and other therapeutic techniques aimed at enhancing mental wellbeing.

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