5 Tips that will help you get the most out of your dab rig

A dab rig is trending equipment for potheads. The method has become a popular medium for cannabis users and is patronized because of its harsh hits and flavor experience. Dab rigs are used for burning cannabis extracts and concentrates. The medium delivers a fast-acting and hard-hitting effect on users. The best way to consume CBD concentrates is through a dab rig. The dab rig has a powerful effect with a potent smell. Many dabbers also concluded that the device produced a strong flavor and terpene-rich aroma, which makes it the best choice for users.

CBD oil on the device has many health benefits, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and other body ailments. The device is designed with a mouthpiece, dab nail, and water chamber. The concentrates are placed and heated on the nail, which passes through the water chamber and is inhaled through the mouthpiece. The water is meant to cool the heat, making it comfortable for the lungs. This blog explains using your oils and CBD concentrates with a dab rig.

1. Invest In A Quality Dab Rig

A high-quality cannabis consumption device will save you the stress of purchasing a new one after a short while. A poor-quality dab lacks a quality rig’s convenient nature, structure, and function. When choosing a quality rig, you must consider whether it is a recyclable or standard oil rig. The recyclable rig has a different airflow and can be used for a long time. The size and shape also matter in a rig. They come in different sizes, from small to large and short to long. A quality rig is easy to maintain and has a persistent burning effect. Besides, it offers potent and harsh hits compared to poor-quality rigs; it may be costly but worth it.

2. Pick The Right CBD Oil For You

The CBD industry produces oil in two forms. We have the full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolates. These two are very common and suitable with a dab rig. The difference is that full-spectrum oils are made from active cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from the marijuana plant. On the other hand, isolates are pure cannabidiol. Isolates are the standard production of the industry, but full-spectrum oils have more benefits. The entourage effect of the full-spectrum and the isolates is potent. The compounds react to boost each other’s effects in the body. However, full-spectrum is recommended for newbies except those with adverse reactions or who use CBD for certain reasons. Keep in mind that both types can benefit humans medically.

3. Heat Your Nail At The Right Temperature

There is no approved time to heat the nail, and the process is based on many factors, such as the heated material. Materials such as glass, titanium, and quartz take about a minute to glow when heated with a butane torch. The device is allowed to cool for 30 seconds before dabbing. The cooling process is to reduce the temperature to 350° – 400° F, which is the recommended heating range for the device. However, ceramic nails require more heat because they are created to hold heat longer than other materials. With the right temperature, you’ll be able to enjoy the potent hit, and flavored aroma of the oils or CBD concentrate in the dab rig.

4. Long & Slow Inhales

To dab properly requires long and slow inhales, unlike when using a bong. The long and slow procedure is required because dab concentrates or oil takes time to vaporize. The right way to dab is to place a carb cap on the nail to improve the vaporization process before inhaling. The cap is to trap the heat in the cab to ensure all the potent experience is gotten. You can lift the cap to remove the residue from your device. A long and slow inhale also prevents tar from reaching your lungs and causing damage.

5. Quick Exhale

The first second of inhaling cannabis absorbs over 95% of the THC content. Holding in smoke only leaves a larger amount of tat on your lungs. Holding your breath after inhaling smoke reduces the level of oxygen sent to the brain but does not get you high. The safe way to hold the smoke in the body is 2 seconds. Once you light and inhale the smoke, you must leave it for 2 seconds to get the potent hit and exhale immediately.

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