Causeway Securities LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Causeway Securities Ltd has been granted US FINRA membership. The regulatory approval enables Causeway to engage in structured product distribution in the US market. 
The US structured product market has seen significant growth in recent years in terms of sales volumes, number of products and market participants. Last year saw the US structured products market crossing US$100 billion in sales volumes, which means the US market has more than doubled in size since 2011. The latest US market data for the Q1 2022 shows that compared to last year same time the upward trend continues in both sales and issuance with over 8.5k structured products launched gathering some US$26.6billion in assets.  
Conor O’Donnell, CEO of Causeway Securities says, “We are delighted to gain FINRA membership and are excited by the opportunity the US market offers. We look forward to bringing fresh ideas to the market and at the same time believe having a robust regulated presence both in the UK and the US will enhance our wider service offering. The structured product market in the US has experienced a renaissance in recent years with increased acceptance of their strategic portfolio value alongside equities and other asset classes. We believe there is room for further growth aided by increased concerns over volatility and rate increases.”.

About us

Causeway Securities Ltd is an FCA authorised brokerage specialising in structured investments head quartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom with presence in London, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and now the United States of America. 
Causeway Securities Ltd was founded in 2017. It offers professional clients, such as credit unions, advisors, wealth companies, family offices and institutions, a wide range of structured investments from major global banks and administer placement of the investment on their behalf. For more information, please visit our website

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