Neopay – Is now the time to invest in crypto?

Cryptocurrency, it seems, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Celebrity names keep talking about it like a parent trying to talk their kid into eating their veggies. It is a great advancement in technology, but is it worth spending your money on when existing in the world is so expensive right now? We’re breaking down the arguments for why it might or might not be the moment for your crypto investments.


The fabled crypto crash has happened. Whether the crypto community and its high-profile supporters like Kevin O’Leary and Mike Tyson want to admit it, Bitcoin, the biggest crypto coin has crashed to about a third of its peak value in November 2021.

That was eight months ago. There are a lot of loud voices trying to say that cryptocurrency will recover, the way all stocks recover, but it still isn’t anywhere near recovery. Given cryptocurrencies extremely volatile nature full of high highs and low lows, you would imagine a recovery from a sudden crash would be far more swift.

Cryptocurrency was made by the same people with the same tactics that caused the 2008 real money recession. That should be enough to put anyone off, but there are wider world issues that tell us right now isn’t the right time to invest and in fact, might be the cause of some of its slow growth. War, famine, and plague are all on the 2022 bingo cards, and we’ve hit them all with the Ukraine invasion setting off not only famine by pausing the world’s supply of wheat, but sanctions causing inflation around the world, and if Covid wasn’t enough to worry about, there’s also the new monkeypox issue.

No one has the spare money to invest right now. If you do, that might make coins apt for buying while they’re down, but you’re going to be waiting a long time for those coins to grow so you better have enough to fund your everyday and your rainy days.

If you don’t have anything spare after the usual utilities, rent, savings, and debt, don’t take the chance. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and so far the only people who seem to think so are people who are already rich.


You could tar cryptocurrency with the same brush you would any other new technology: there is a learning curve involved. Remember how reluctant parents were to buy themselves a smartphone? Now we’ve got generations raised online. We had to learn what makes for a dodgy website, where we would get scammed, who to trust and not trust online, how to use the platforms offered, etc. Cryptocurrency is the same.

Particularly, the early crypto enthusiasts had to learn what made for a red flag when it comes to cryptocurrency scams. And much like the children that had to teach their parents on how to use Facebook, elder crypto fans can teach the new.

Businesses getting into cryptocurrency should be sure to have strong compliance solutions in place to ensure that they do not fall victim to fraud or scams, particularly businesses in the fintech industry. Cryptocurrency, like a lot of areas of fintech, is rife with money laundering and terrorism funding issues, which means that businesses have to put in place compliance solutions to ensure that they adhere to anti-money laundering and terrorism funding regulations.

If the average Joe has a bit of money spare and thinks that cryptocurrency is worth investing in, it pays to be smart about it. Cryptocurrency and stocks might have their roots from the same place, but they are wildly different. A lot of bad apples are using cryptocurrency for pump and dump schemes, some of them very high profile, others are simply using the fact that all transactions are final to swindle crypto from users, even more are simply bad investments, and then there is the high volatility to think about.

To stay safe, your first move should be to disregard anything a “celebrity” or pseudo-celebrity like an influencer has to say about crypto. I don’t care how knowledgeable they are pretending to be about the subject. You get your best companies and coins to invest in by looking at the white paper. If it doesn’t have one, or has a shoddy one with “Haha, Dogecoin took off, didn’t it?” scrawled in it, dump it. Whoever’s behind it isn’t making enough effort to build the coin for anything more than the lol’s, or a pump and dump scam.

If you keep your wits about you, you can ride out this crypto “crash”, but only if you make safe and reliable investments. If you are going to invest in cryptocurrency, ensure it’s a safe buy, with money you have leftover after every other financial responsibility is fulfilled.

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