5 Fun and Unique Resolutions for 2022

With the new year up and running, there’s no better time than now to set both short and long-term goals. This is particularly true if you didn’t get around to doing so during the first few days of 2022. However, some resolutions are played out. These include things such as losing weight, exercising, and traveling more.

There’s nothing wrong with these resolutions, but they’re not exactly fun or unique. And for some people, they’re downright boring and difficult to achieve. Below, you’ll find five fun and unique resolutions to consider for 2022. Even if one or more of these don’t suit you, they’ll at least put your mind in the right place. 

Start a Collection

This can be anything that comes to mind. For example, you could start collecting baseball cards (which is growing in popularity once again), coins, stamps, or pottery — and that’s just a few of the many ideas to consider. There is no shortage of others to consider. And remember, you don’t need a lot of money to start a collection. With some ideas, you only need a few dollars.

Learn to Play a New Game

Maybe you want to learn how to play casino poker. Or perhaps you have your sights set on a specific sport, such as tennis or golf. Even though it may be frustrating at first, you’ll catch on soon enough. And once you do, it won’t be long before you realize that you have a new hobby that you truly enjoy. You can make this resolution even more exciting by finding someone else who wants to join you. It’s always more exciting to learn a new game when you have a family member or friend by your side. 

Spend More Time With Out-of-Town Friends and Family

Do you have friends and/or family members who live out of town? Do you wish you could see them more often? Rather than hope and pray that you one day move closer together, set the goal to take action this year. Tell the other person that you’ve set this resolution and you’re serious about reaching it. There’s a good chance that they’ll get on board with the idea and make an extra effort on their end. This goes a long way in putting you in a better position to achieve success. 

Complete a DIY Home Project

DIY projects range from beginner level to professional level — and every skill level in between. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking on your first project or have been working around your home for years, this is a worthwhile resolution. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a project through from start to finish. If you’re struggling with ideas, a quick online search can help with that. Some that you should think about include:

  • Building a piece of furniture
  • Renovating your kitchen or bathroom
  • Landscaping your yard
  • Installing a new light fixture
  • Swapping out your old faucet 

It’s a good idea to start small, build up your skills, and go from there. Don’t take on a project that’s too big or too hard, as doing so could frustrate you early on. And should that happen, you may begin to back away from your resolution. 

Visit Local Landmarks

This is one of those resolutions that get you out of your house, without taking a big chunk out of your bank account. No matter where you live, it’s likely that you can find a few local landmarks that pique your interest.

These don’t have to be popular landmarks, either. It can be something as simple as a state park or a memorial to someone who used to live in the area. The internet is your best friend as you create a list of local landmarks that you want to visit. Once you have a list, mark down an order and start exploring. You may end up having more fun than you ever thought possible. 

Final Thoughts

A New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be boring and overly challenging. It can be anything you want, including fun to chase after. The five ideas above should get your mind thinking. From there, decide if you can use one of these resolutions or should consider another.