The Future is Here: HUH Token to Enable Influencers to Profit from the ‘Tone’ of their Content

More than 90% of marketing executives today strategize social media, Verizon reports. Furthermore, the majority of businesses reporting over $5 million in yearly revenue engage in social media marketing for branding, lead generation, customer acquisition and retention, as well as research and e-commerce.

Although these statistics illustrate the extent to which businesses rely on social media for marketing, it’s nothing other than what a quick scroll through Instagram or Facebook could confirm. Our feeds are dominated by our favorite influencers promoting products, indicated by the #ad at the bottom of the caption, as well as prominent YouTubers being able to provide us with a sponsored video that falls outside of their upload schedule. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for YouTube videos to be unrelated to their sponsors, instead including a brief intervention to discuss the sponsor’s product, much like with TV.

Being 2 years into this century’s 20s, social media marketing is no longer as outlandish as it once was. Although it feels like yesterday, it was almost a decade ago that Oreo came under fire for inventing the ‘Oreo Challenge’ and paying a bunch of influencers to participate without disclosing their sponsorships. Social media marketing has come a long way since then and posts that feature #ad aren’t grounds to scroll past mindlessly anymore. Moreover, influencers’ followers understand that brand partnerships are an integral part of growing their platforms. In fact, influencers are congratulated by their following once obtaining sponsorships. It’s so normalized nowadays it’s become boring, even. So, what’s the next big strategy to revolutionize the marketing scene?


Believe it or not, a virtual currency is going to enable influencers to profit from their content. More specifically, the tone of their content.

HUH Token launched on December 6th on PancakeSwap yet has already witnessed a 6000% price increase alongside over 15,000 wallet holders, thanks to their carefully structured roadmap. One reason why HUH may have attracted so many investors despite their newcomer status may be their unique ‘uti-meme’ approach, that provokes further interest.

HUH are the first digital currency to take the viral factor granted by the meme coin, and combine it with the useability and practicality of the utility token (think Tether, TerraUSD and USD Coin). HUH dream of creating a decentralized metaverse in which data becomes intrinsically valuable, and influence becomes a sort of currency itself. This dystopian concept isn’t as far away into the future as you might think – hundreds of influencers are rumoured to start promoting HUH on January 19th.

HUH are planning on achieving this by implementing MetHUH sentiment tokens, according to their White Paper. They are preparing to launch their own social platform (the MetHUH), whereby influencers create content for users to consume. Content production and consumption will undergo ‘sentiment analysis’ via AI technology to produce a report that will deposit tokens into both parties’ accounts depending on detected traits.

HUH sentiment tokens are categorized into 3 different groups – tone, moderation and light. Tone resembles emotions and includes anger, fear, and joy among others, while moderation refers predominantly to abuse. On the other hand, light compiles a lengthy list of adverbs that “extend basic functionality”.

Then, HUH gets to the moneymaking bit. As a result, users and social influencers will be able to earn sentiment tokens and trade them for HUH tokens. The resulting dynamics significantly enhance HUH token volume on exchanges, positioning HUH as a unique value proposition in any cryptocurrency assets portfolio. HUH Treasury will invest a portion of its working capital in purchasing and burning sentiment tokens aligned with the traits demanded most by the community.

It’s understandable if you’re struggling to comprehend what in the cryptoverse HUH are talking about. That’s okay, because I don’t really know either. Nevertheless, the uti-meme is set to revolutionize crypto, and it might not be too long until influencers start profiting off crypto in the same way they do with social media today.

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