DeFi Analysts: Gnox (GNOX) Gains A Staggering 60% During Bear Market, While Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) Continue To Lose Ground

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the two most widely held cryptocurrencies. Sadly, holders have seen their bags dwindle all year as prices continue to tumble. But this is what markets do. They ebb and they flow. They rise and they fall. They hit all-time highs and they often cross below previous all-time highs.

If you don’t have time to watch the markets or you don’t have the stomach to ride the volatility, then maybe Bitcoin and Ethereum might not be the right investments for you. You might be better off investing in a token that offers guaranteed passive income.

There are only two ways that a cryptocurrency can go up in value in a bear market — supply and demand. In order for the price to rise, the supply has to fall, or the demand has to rise, or both. Neither Bitcoin nor Ethereum has a deflationary supply. And it’s obvious by the price action lately that demand is not increasing.

Investors who would like to get into crypto, but who don’t have the time to babysit their investments might be well served by looking into a DeFi coin called Gnox Token (GNOX). Gnox has a lot going for it including having a deflationary supply and offering passive income, and it greatly reduces the risk for first-time crypto investors.

The trick to achieving this is a 10% royalty on all aftermarket sales of GNOX tokens. The majority of those funds are used to continually grow the Gnox treasury. The treasury is invested in passive-income-generating opportunities (staking, lending, pooling) across several DeFi platforms and the profits are used to buy back and burn tokens causing the supply to fall. Meanwhile, a smaller portion is also airdropped back to all holders providing passive income.

The Gnox development team calls this strategy “yield farming as a service.” All crypto investors have to do is buy and hold GNOX and then sit back and relax. Gnox has developed a tool that aggregates data on a wide variety of passive income opportunities across several blockchains and DeFi platforms. All of the research required to identify passive income opportunities is done by a team of pro DeFi analysts. They then present the best options to holders who can vote on how the treasury is invested if they so choose.

The 10% royalty on aftermarket sales is used to continually grow the capital of the treasury. Whether we’re in a bull market or a bear market, any buying or selling adds to the treasury and provides ongoing passive income to holders.

Gnox is currently in ICO mode with the platform officially launching in mid-August. Before the project has even launched, the price of the token has risen by 60%. How is this possible, you ask? The presale is divided into three phases. A portion of the tokens has been allotted to each phase. Once a month, any unsold tokens are burned leading to a higher price in the next phase.

Then upon the launch of the platform, all unsold tokens will be burned, further increasing the price (assuming the ICO has not sold out). In essence, the earlier one adopts GNOX, the greater their position will be upon launch. Moreover, the fact that there will be no unsold or unvested tokens upon liftoff assures a fair launch and a guaranteed deflationary supply.

The next phase of the GNOX ICO presale ends July 12th. The platform launches in mid-August.

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