Potential Parabolic Gains As Market Looks Bullish: Gnox (GNOX), Shiba Inu (SHIB) And Litecoin (LTC)

With the market somewhat in turmoil in recent weeks, you might be surprised to know that there’s still money to be made. In both the short and long-term. By picking the most resilient coins right now, when that bull run starts, you could be on for massive gains. While nobody knows when the bull will really kick into gear, there are definitely a few projects in the crypto world that are still attracting attention. These coins have great potential to outlast the current bear run and still look extremely bullish right now.

Gnox stays bullish when other coins struggle

Gnox has had an extremely bullish few weeks. Prices are up over 63% at a time when many other coins are incurring huge losses. The project is still only in pre-sale, and with more token burns planned to help reduce supply, prices could surge even higher when the coin hits the main markets.

So Gnox has had great short-term upside recently, and that’s because users are attracted to it for a number of reasons. Notably, it’s also got a lot of long-term potential. Especially as it solves a number of key issues that have often prevented DeFi investment platforms from going mainstream. Now, with Gnox, users get to hold their crypto and enjoy passive income gains thanks to the protocol’s unique Yield Farming as a Service. They don’t need to understand how liquidity pooling or staking work, unlike many other investment instruments in crypto. They just have to hold their coins, vote on how much risk they want to be liable to, and let the protocol’s treasury take care of actually investing for them. Proceeds are then paid out to Gnox holders every month. The outlook for Gnox is extremely bullish for good reason.


It could be argued that Shiba (SHIB) also looks bullish. While maybe not as much as Gnox, Shiba still has some potential for gains over the coming weeks. Users can now earn passive income as rewards for burning their tokens. And these burns could help prices somewhat, as supply is limited. Shiba has taken a lot of flak recently, but it’s still an interesting project that has some bullish potential right now.


We think the upside for Litecoin (LTC) is huge. Litecoin has been around in the crypto world for some time, and while it has already enjoyed peaks and troughs in price, it still has potential as one of the best options for a real, usable currency. With lower transaction fees and faster speeds than many alternatives, and also a reasonably affordable price for an entire coin, many believe Litecoin is here to stay. And that it could become the first crypto to actually rival Fiat for everyday purchases.


Gnox, Shiba and Litecoin have bullish potential right now. You might want to consider adding them to your portfolio for future gains.

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