Questions to Ask Yourself On a Test Drive

When you are buying a new car, there are a number of things that you need to check before you sign on the dotted line.

Purchasing a new car is a huge financial commitment and you want to be sure that you are buying the right car for your needs. You will be spending thousands of dollars on the vehicle and you will be stuck with it for the foreseeable future, so you need to make the right decision!

It’s important to arrange a viewing with the seller or the car dealership so that you can take a look at the inside and outside of the car. But there’s more to a car viewing than simply looking at the vehicle. You also need to take it for a test drive.

On the test drive, don’t be afraid to ask the seller or the car dealer as many questions as you like. They are there to answer your queries and give you peace of mind.

By getting all of your burning questions answered, you can rest assured knowing that you’re buying a fully functioning vehicle and you won’t get any nasty surprises further down the line.

Let’s run through some of the important questions that you ask the seller or car dealer when you’re shopping for a new vehicle and taking it for a test drive.


  1. Has the color of the car been changed in the past?
  2. Are there any gaps in the panels of the car?
  3. Is the paint finish even across the vehicle?
  4. Are the window seals complete?
  5. Are there any scratches or dents on the outside the vehicle?
  6. Are there any scratches or marks on the seats?

Engine and Mechanics

  1. Are any parts of the engine corroded or rusting?
  2. Is the engine making any strange noises when you drive the car?
  3. Are there any unusual emissions coming out of the exhaust?
  4. Are the tires inflated to the correct tread depth?
  5. Are the tires in good condition?
  6. Do the window motors work smoothly?
  7. Do the windscreen wipers work?
  8. Do all of the seatbelts work?
  9. Are the airbags working properly?
  10. Do all of the headlights and tail lights work?

Brakes and Gears

  1. Are the brakes functional?
  2. Does the car veer to one side when you apply the brakes?
  3. Is the gearbox smooth and is it easy to transition into different gears?

Additional Information

  1. What is the mileage on the car?
  2. How old is the car and what is its ownership history?
  3. Is there any extended warranty? If not, are you able to purchase a Land Rover extended warranty or Ford warranty, etc. if necessary?
  4. Is there correct registration documentation?
  5. Has the car got an MOT?
  6. When was the last full service on the vehicle?
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