A Clarion Call to ReWild: Richard Godbehere’s Crusade Against the Biodiversity Crisis

In 2021, Richard and Jane Godbehere introduced A Call to ReWild, a pioneering initiative in the conservation sector, aimed at tackling the pressing global biodiversity crisis with innovative solutions.

A Call to ReWild’s mission is to inspire individuals to positively impact the environment, offering training, mentoring, and motivational events that reconnect humanity with nature, with the ultimate goal of mitigating the climate crisis.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for the revival of biodiversity, Richard Godbehere launched this eco-conscious endeavour to counteract the worrying decline in global wildlife populations. Sparked by an early exposure to David Attenborough’s documentaries at age six and galvanised by the critical findings of the Living Planet Report, Godbehere set out on a quest to devise tangible solutions to the ecological predicaments confronting us.

Central to A Call to ReWild’s ethos is the promotion of interconnectedness and the mobilisation of every individual towards the rejuvenation of nature. The organisation has designed a range of educational programmes, aimed at engaging various societal sectors in the rewilding crusade.

In collaboration with allied rewilding charities, A Call to ReWild is set to offer hands-on training skills to its clients, with a strong emphasis on practical methods of biodiversity restoration. Additionally, the organisation pledges to reinvest membership contributions into other rewilding charities to amplify ground-level action in key natural habitats and is currently investigating ways to support local wildlife rescue organisations.

A hallmark achievement of A Call to ReWild is the creation of digital rewilding resources, enabling participants to delve into conservation and biodiversity restoration from their own homes.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Conservation Biology (Distinction) from the University of Derby, Richard Godbehere has channelled his fervour for the natural world into a flourishing green enterprise. A Call to ReWild stands as a beacon of hope for a sustainable future, committed to overturning the climate emergency through pragmatic measures and community-driven endeavours.

The organisation also hosts regular webinars, like the Green Circle and The Wild Bunch, cultivating a virtual commune of environmental conservation enthusiasts.

Jane Godbehere, co-founder and Richard’s spouse, has been instrumental in the genesis of A Call to ReWild. Her dedication to the cause is manifest in her choice to resume her nursing career, providing support for Richard’s academic pursuits in Conservation Biology, despite battling several chronic ailments, including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Confronted with the dual threats of biodiversity and climate crises, Richard Godbehere is convinced that rewilding is the linchpin for nature’s revival. A Call to ReWild champions the idea that individual actions, whether at home or in the workplace, hold the power to effect global change and carve out a sustainable legacy.

For additional details, kindly visit www.acalltorewild.co.uk