Hanna Longstaff, Esteemed Food Freedom Coach, Unveils “Feeding Success” Podcast

Hanna Longstaff, known for her innovative work as the Food Freedom Coach in mental health and nutrition, has debuted her new podcast, “Feeding Success.” The series aims to delve into the narratives and trajectories of distinguished individuals from the realms of sports and business, while also tackling pressing concerns like overeating disorders, food addictions, and mental health.

Longstaff, who has been honoured with the Best Start-Up Business award by Big Business Events, leverages her expertise and enthusiasm in “Feeding Success” with the goal of altering the dietary habits of a million people. She stresses the importance of acknowledging the common yet often hidden struggles associated with food, pointing out the related secrecy and guilt.

“Many people are silently trapped in a cycle of overeating, using work as a distraction from underlying issues,” Hanna Longstaff points out. “This negatively influences their mental health and confidence, thereby reducing their overall well-being and effectiveness.”

Highlighting the significant repercussions of these issues on both individuals and corporations, Longstaff calls for increased employer support. “Over 25% of the workforce is dealing with severe food- and body-related issues, greatly affecting their mental health and attention,” she remarks. “Employers frequently neglect their responsibility in this matter.”

In response to these urgent concerns, The Food Freedom Coach offers customized solutions adaptable to the specific requirements of different organizations. By conducting complimentary weekly coaching sessions on Eventbrite, she aims to enable individuals to improve their eating habits and bolster their mental and emotional health.

Longstaff’s approach is underpinned by the following key statistics:

  • 64% of UK adults are overweight, with 26% categorised as obese (source: UK Government, 2022).
  • 55% of adults with obesity are at risk of developing depression (source: JAMA, 2010).
  • An estimated 3.4 million individuals in the UK, representing 5% of the workforce, are afflicted by severe eating disorders, with over half experiencing disordered eating (source: priorygroup.com).
  • Studies suggest that contented workers are 12% more productive (source: University of Warwick, 2021).
  • Prominent organisations like Salesforce value the impact of coaching in improving mental health and increasing productivity and profits.

With the “Feeding Success” podcast, Hanna Longstaff aims to foster impactful conversations, enhance awareness, and ultimately contribute to positive advancements in mental health and nutrition.

For additional information on “Feeding Success” and the transformative coaching services by Hanna Longstaff, please visit www.mindfoodbodycoach.com or to reserve your seat for the next complimentary online support session: www.eventbrite.com/e/the-food-freedom-club-weekly-coaching-tickets-778952326377