The best dating alternatives for all tastes

The usage of a dating app makes getting to know each other easier. Modern people often suffer from a lack of free time. So, when bearing in mind all pandemic nuances (such as home office, poor nightlife) – it becomes apparent why so many singles nowadays search for love online.

We have examined various representatives of the matchmaking industry. And found out that there are plenty of possibilities for all tastes. Check our personal rate and decide which one suits you most.

If you want to find a Russian bride – choose GoldenBride. However, female members of this platform are representatives of different nationalities: Slavs, Asians, Latinas, and many more. So, in case – you don’t mind broadening your horizons and trying interracial dating – it’s your chance. However, don’t think you will be left alone with complications a long-distance relationship with a foreign girlfriend brings. There are plenty of useful articles, as well as a friendly customer support team at your service.

This platform is perfect for shy people. The idea was to transform a typical dating website into an online community for making new acquaintances.

If you wonder what makes MSF so unique – there is a feature you need to know about. Due to the fact it’s hard to talk about yourself, the website suggests your friend describe you! So, if you know someone who has fascinating writing skills – this person could become your private Cupid.

As you might guess, this website was created for gorgeous men and women only. How does it work? To join BP, you need to be good-looking enough. And, unfortunately, it’s not about your self-esteem only. You need to make an application, and the existing users vote. They have around 48 hours to approve or deny your candidature.

If you think this rule is harsh – the BP creators see it exactly the opposite. They want all members to have equal chances to meet the special one in an aesthetically-orientated attitude.

If you can’t live without music, TasteBuds is your ideal dating platform. There you can not only meet people who share your interests – but also discover new songs based on your preferences.

By the way, in this case, you always have a great conversation starter. Favorite artists, bands, and tunes – music lovers can chat on these topics all the time. Don’t you agree?

Good news for all sports fans! Zeal was developed to connect people with this passion. The owners of it don’t believe in couples who met through appearance-oriented apps. Instead, they think that a presence of shared mindset and hobbies are essential.

Although, ZM doesn’t give a feeling of a dating website. As soon as you join it – you realize it’s a kind of online sports club. So, if it fits your idea of a meaningful relationship – join today yet.


Well, how these guys say – they want to make traditional dating less dry. Like many other fascinating apps, it was created at the time of the worldwide lockdown. However, it became popular even before the official start, having more than 12000 potential users on the waiting list.

Okay, why did they all want to join? Men and women’s profiles on TheSauce consist of videos! It means – all TikTok lovers – welcome.


In this article, we have shared with you that dating sites and apps aren’t always standard. We presented to you in detail the most sophisticated platforms of the Internet. We hope that our suggestions will help you find your way around the world of online matchmaking and don’t waste time on the additional search.