Joanna Lumley - colourHumanitarian foundation, Humans Of Our World set to provide aid camps for forgotten victims.

Humans Of Our World, the humanitarian foundation set up by media entrepreneur, director and philanthropist, Pritan Ambroase, has launched a campaign: ‘DON’T FORGET NEPAL’S VICTIMS’. This campaign is officially supported by Joanna Lumley and she urges people to donate to support survivors of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal who are still suffering significantly due to lack of help. Humans of our World will use the funds towards the humanitarian aid camps in Nepal taking place in October 2018.

Currently raising funds on GoFundMe for the camps via this link: the campaign is officially supported by Joanna Lumley who appealed for support in the region in the immediate aftermath and continues to support and campaign for the rebuilding of Nepal three years later.

Actress, philanthropist and long-time supporter of Nepal, Joanna Lumley said, “It is very easy to forget broken lives and communities left behind once the storm of publicity has moved on from an area of crisis. We feel that with your help we can rebuild and restore, comfort and make safe, provide and help protect some of the most vulnerable people on earth. The Nepalis are a valiant, optimistic and determined race and the last thing they would ever do is beg: so on their behalf I would only say with all my heart please will you help us to restore their lives and homes, lost through no fault of their own. Every single gift and donation to Humans Of Our World’s Nepal Campaign will be treasured. Thank you so much, and Namaste.”

Humans Of Our World has been on the ground in Nepal since the 2015 earthquake and is now looking to raise $32,000 to provide for the continued needs of victims in three villages: Dolkha, Charikot and Armala. As a foundation with no paid staff, they guarantee that 100% of donations will go directly to the victims (except 2.9% standard payment processing fee plus $0.30 per donation, GoFundMe as a platform is free). If the goal of $32,000 is surpassed then that will go entirely towards the victims.

The disastrous 2015 earthquake that tragically devastated the beautiful and peaceful country of Nepal killed over around 9,000 people and left over 820,000 families homeless – the majority are still facing a life of poverty three years on according to official reports. Due to lack of access to help, villagers across Nepal are disproportionately and increasingly affected as they have no access to help, unavailable funds, with no support from officials who can make a change. Those forgotten victims in the villages of Nepal continue to struggle while falling prey to further poverty, diseases and trafficking.

This is the reason for Humans Of Our World humanitarian camps, in partnership with Hollywood Insider, taking place in Nepal in the month of October 2018.

Pritan Ambroase, Founder, Humans Of Our World said“I truly believe that all the industries in the public eye, be it entertainment, sports, fashion, etc and all the key players in it with fame, should utilize their platform to unite our world and make it a better place. Joanna is the perfect example of a star utilizing their platform for the greater good and we are excited to have her support for our humanitarian campaign in Nepal. Hopefully our one month in Nepal will bring a positive change to the lives of these forgotten victims in villages of Nepal. But, what about after that one month? We hope that the spotlight will be put back on these villages and that will encourage other stars, humanitarians and people to go and help them. Humans Of Our World’s motto, inspired by Gandhi, is “WE ARE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD and we will continue to campaign to help the needy all over the world with both awareness and action numbers. Awareness is nothing without useful actions to help those affected and the causes. Each of your support for this campaign will matter. Please donate so that we can help the people in the villages of Nepal.”

In each of the three villages, Humans Of Our World will conduct 3 day long medical/psychological, relief/welfare and anti-trafficking camps which will be served by 11 doctors,5 nurses, 5 psychologists, anti-trafficking trainers, engineers and volunteers.

 Medical/Psychological: These camps will allow for the natives of the villages to receive medical and psychological treatments. These villages have no access to quality medical care and are unable to afford the cost of medical care in the cities.

 Relief and Welfare: The construction team will also be creating libraries in schools in the 3 villages for children to learn more about the world outside the villages. They will be building several small water pumps for the elderly and families along with clean water project devices, providing them with closer access to fresh water that would be difficult to transport. Clothes will be handed out (both winter and summer for all ages), toys for children from infant to
sixteen years of age, personal hygiene items, food, medications, etc. Clothes, blankets and needed accessories will also be provided to an elderly home in Kathmandu.

 Anti-trafficking workshops: It is 2018, and the world has seen the mass impact and transformative power of the #metoo movement. Thousands chanted #metoo and felt safety in numbers. Yet, in villages all across Nepal, thousands of women continue to fall prey to traffickers and are oblivious to the success of the movement that has saved millions in other nations. Nepal’s villages have fallen prey to traffickers over and over again. There was a rise in trafficking activity during the aftermath of the earthquake as many people were homeless or alone and thus easy prey to traffickers. Humans Of Our World will provide practical training to villagers to protect children and adults from traffickers. Education camps and workshops will train locals in identifying potential traffickers, reporting them and defending one’s self with self-defense tactics.

 Earthquake preparation and safety workshops: This is to train the locals in those villages with effective ways to prepare for earthquakes as well as the best way to keep all safe during an earthquake. The people of Nepal were not prepared for the 2015 earthquake which resulted in catastrophe. Since seismologists have predicted that this region will be hit by earthquakes in the future, the camp will provide training for preparation and safety from and also during earthquakes.  Donations can be made directly to the GOFUNDME page:

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