Don’t Sweat the Father’s Day Gift: Cash is What American Men Want

If you’ve left it late for Father’s Day this year, we’re about to make your day. Don’t worry about shipping deadlines or desperately trying to find something you can get delivered last minute. According to the findings of a recent study, cash is the single most popular choice of gift for men in the USA.

Dealdrop polled 3,001 people in the USA to ask them, “when receiving a gift, which of the following would you rather have.”

Given a choice of cash, gift cards, a surprise gift, a specific item requested or something else entirely, cash topped the list!

The USA’s preferred gifts:

And cash is a more prevalent preference amongst men

If we segment by gender here and look just at the men, cash is the top gift by quite some way with a huge 34% stating the money is what they’d rather have, followed by a surprise (29%).

If Dad is in the 35 to 44 age bracket, there’s a 40% chance his preference is the money anyhow, according to the DealDrop survey. Men in this age group were the most likely group to opt for the dollars!

But maybe pass on the gift cards…

The study also found that you might want to skip the gift card option.

While a gift card is the preferred choice of just 16% of men. And there’s a decent chance any gift card might end up on eBay anyway!

In December 2020, the study found, there were over 40,000 searches in Google USA implying a user wanting to offload an unwanted gift card.

So if you left it last minute, don’t sweat it. It’s a pretty safe bet that money in a card is going to be pretty well received.

Notes to Editors

  • We surveyed 3,001 people in the USA using Google Surveys between 18th March and 14th April
  • For search popularity figures, we conducted a keyword analysis using KWFinder. We started with a list of the top 100 retailers in the USA and, based on their brand keyword search data from, narrowed this down to the top 50 by search popularity

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