Importance of Maintaining Liquid Levels in your Car

Your car is like your mind. You need to use it to keep it in shape. You need to provide the right sustenance for it to run properly, including the right fluids. There is a list of seven fluids that your car needs to ensure proper working order.

1) Your car needs oil to run. That means you need to check your oil levels on a regular basis. You open up the hood and take the dipstick out. Place the stick into the oil compartment. There should be a line indicating where the oil level is. Does it appear to be low? One good indication that your oil might be low is by checking your radar level sensors. These sensors pick up everything including low fuel, fumes, and oil.

You can either add some oil yourself or take it to a professional.

2) You should check your radiator fluid levels. You could be left stranded somewhere if left unchecked. The system gets overheated and the car dies. This happens more often than you think.

To check your levels, remove the cap. Make sure you do when the car is not hot. Do you see coolant? You will need to add some more if you do not see any. You are good to go as long as the radiator fluid is near the top.

3) The transmission fluid keeps your car’s system lubricated. It also prevents costly repairs that might develop. Think of your transmission fluid in the same context as you might the oil or coolant You cannot run your car without it.

4) The power steering fluid is another one that needs maintenance. You do not have control over the wheel without it. This is one fluid that you can add yourself. It is easy to do.

5) You need brake fluid. You run the risk of running into others without it. The compartment is near the back. Open the reservoir and look. You should see the liquid sitting near the opening. It should be about half an inch near the top. You might need to add some if it is not.

6) The air conditioning coolant provides relief during those hot summer months. This is another liquid you can check for yourself. You run the risk of your car not being cooled properly without it. You will also be very hot sitting in the car without the proper supply. You can always buy your own supply from your auto shop store. It is not that expensive.

7) The washer fluid is necessary because you need to see out your windows. Open the hood and remove the cap. Is it low? Add some more washer fluid and you are good to go. You can buy a large jug in your local auto parts store. Keep your supply in your trunk. That way you have it when you need it.

You can find most of these in your local store. You can also speak to your mechanic about other tips on maintaining the liquid levels in your car.