Best Android Apps That Can Help You Drive Efficiently

Learning how to drive is an essential life skill to consider in this day and age. Our modernized society requires a lot of mobility in order to be productive. Whatever profession you have, either you’re a lawyer, doctor, researcher, writer or a secretary, you will need some form of transportation to get from one point to the other in order to perform your duty.

Around 300 million cars are actively roaming the roads and streets of USA. The country, being one of the largest automobile market, sold around 6.3 million cars in 2016. An estimated 85 percent of American household owns at least 2 cars. With more than 85% of driving legal age in the country holding a license, it is safe to say that majority of our citizens hit the road regularly. And to help with your daily struggles here are some of the best android apps that can help you in your driving.


Created in 2014 by the people behind Zipcar and Tesla Motors, Drivemode is an android app must have for driving.  This app offers drivers with seamless action when jumping from one application to another. You can easily and safely access applications while on the road because it uses voice-control, large icons for a broad swipe and simple tap action. The app can sync other software you regularly use like navigation, music, social media, and messaging applications.


If you think you can only run your own diagnostics with your laptop, then Dash will change all that. This android application can let you run diagnostics in your car. With a help of an onboard diagnostic transmitter to be plug in a port in your car, it can provide you with information about your vehicle’s performance and current state. Vital car information includes engine load, fuel efficiency, engine temperature and other data. It will provide valuable data for you to base your maintenance schedule and repairs. Installing Dash is free from the app store, but you need to buy an on-board diagnostic device to make it work.


If you think riding a bike with no hands is cool, then ReadItToMe will appeal to you. This app allows you to communicate via sms or messaging apps completely hands free by reading out the messages sent to you and letting you respond by your voice as well.  This will surely be helpful when you are driving in the interstate all the while needing to be responsive to urgent communication. This app is useful not just in driving but essentially in any activity that requires you to focus your hands on that task. ReadItToMe can sync and support popular messaging applications like Messenger, Hangouts, Whatsapp and Telegram.


I believe everyone can share one or two of their personal traffic horror. Heavy traffic, unfortunately, has become a normal occurrence to daily commuters and this incidence can be triggered by several factors like sudden downpour, flooding, road accidents and road construction. Waze is a navigation app that can help you effectively reroute from impeding traffic jam. Due to its nature of being a community-based traffic real-time reporting, it can accurately tell you if heavy traffic is looming in your route. It can also alert you about road constructions, presence of flooding and rerouting implemented along your way.


Price nowadays are always rising, I haven’t heard about a single news about price going down for quite some time. Gas is one factor that can heavily affect the price of commodities. So if you are driving a truck or a fleet that is used for shipping or delivery then you might want to use Gas Buddy. It is an app that can help you save time and money on gas. It a great way to find good gas price in a specific area and share your secret gas oasis spot too. With around 70 million active users in the app, it can help you located gas stations that offer the best price near you.