FinalRunner – the new way for sports clubs, charities & businesses to raise funds is the first online UK platform to allow sports clubs, charities and other organisations to raise money for their cause/services for FREE by creating unique Last Person Standing games, where players compete in a knockout game to win cash and prizes.

The concept is designed to offer groups a sustainable, ready-made and risk-free social fundraising tool. What’s best is that there’s no ceiling on how much you can raise – the more players you get for your games, the higher the level of funds that benefit the staff, members or the community!

FinalRunner can help plug the financial gap so sports clubs can operate in the best interests of player and community development rather than wait around for the next billionaire investor, so charities can continue raising awareness and saving lives, and so local businesses can continue to grow and fund great ideas. The number of organisations that could do with a cash boost to continue their great work is far higher than you’d expect:

  • Approximately 151,000 registered sports & leisure clubs in the UK. A sample analysis, The Sports Club Survey Report 2017, found that 44% and 37% identified rising costs and funding access respectively as top challenges over the next 2 years, 28.3% considered membership fee increases to help plug costs, and a lack of engagement with schools and the community to participate was commonly put down to a lack of resources.
  • Approximately 40,000 UK football clubs (excludes youth and women teams). Year-on-year cost increases to maintain let alone grow sports clubs hinder the progress of grassroots development, and often the importance of what these clubs do for the community is overlooked.
  •  Approximately 170,000 registered charities in the UK. 39% make less than an annual £10,000 to fund their drive and there’s a 40% average annual increase in charities in each of the last four year accompanied by annual funding levels being frozen until at least 2020.

Groups choose each game’s entry fee and can set up as many games as they like – the winner picks consecutive victorious Premier League football teams in a knockout game to take the prize. It’s simple to play and the organisation always wins. No money required, no card details needed, and we send the money via bank transfer – nothing to lose!

Players and organisations can also create games to raise money for their charity of choice with us, making fundraising exciting and allowing contributors to make a donation to the cause but also put themselves in the running for the winner’s prize, increasing both funding and awareness of their good work.

So it’s a case of tapping into the community for a new form of social fundraising which really can offer a risk-free and unlimited revenue stream, while engaging with the people who are important to the business and community. Players can also join public games or create their own to host between friends/colleagues, so there’s something in it for everyone!


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