Is Paying For A Yearly Furnace Cleaning Really Worth It? Understanding The Benefits

As a homeowner, you’re probably looking for areas where you can cut costs, to ensure that your home budget is healthy, and to keep your financial future on-track. But if you’re thinking about cutting costs by avoiding yearly furnace cleanings, you may want to reconsider. Paying for a yearly Winnipeg furnace cleaning is certainly one of the best things you can do for your finances – and for the health and safety of your family. Don’t think you can afford a yearly furnace cleaning? You can’t afford NOT to have one! Why? Find out now!

1. Enhanced Efficiency Helps You Save On Heating Costs

Just like any other appliance, your furnace collects dirt and debris which reduce its efficiency, and make it harder for it to heat your home efficiently. The same is true of exhaust ventilation and your air ducts – as they pick up dirt and debris, heating efficiency is reduced.

This manifests in two ways. First, you may find that your home just doesn’t feel as warm, even though your furnace is on all the time. Second, you’ll find that your monthly energy bills will keep climbing, even though you don’t feel warm or comfortable.

Having a furnace repair professional clean and inspect your furnace every year will help you save on your heating costs, and keep you and your family more comfortable. That’s a win-win!

2. Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Furnace From Requiring Major Repairs

A furnace cleaning is the perfect time for an HVAC technician to examine the internal systems of your furnace, and make sure that everything looks good. Any potential issues – like a worn-out blower, rust buildup on the heat exchanger that could lead to cracks, and other such problems – can be addressed with preventative maintenance.

This ensures that you don’t have to overpay for emergency repairs, and that any issues which could cause long-term damage to your furnace are addressed ASAP. This will save you a lot of money, in the long run.

3. Regular Cleanings Ensure You Don’t Void Your Warranty

When you buy a new car from a car dealership, they require you to have your oil changed on their maintenance schedule to ensure you don’t void your warranty – and if you drive 50,000 miles on the same change of oil, and your engine fails, they won’t repair it.

The same is true of your furnace. If you have a new furnace, regular cleanings and inspections may be required to ensure that you do not void your warranty. Ensuring that you stay within the warranty could save you thousands of dollars if a manufacturer’s defect causes your furnace to fail – and paying for a yearly cleaning is much cheaper than having to pay for a brand-new furnace yourself!

4. The Air In Your Home Will Be Clean And Healthy

Unhealthy indoor air can aggravate issues with allergies and asthma, and a number of other respiratory conditions. Unhealthy air can contribute to medical costs, decrease your quality-of-life, and make you feel less comfortable in your own home. If you work from home, it could even decrease your productivity.

If your furnace is not efficient, or your furnace and ducts are unclean and full of particulate matter, dust, and even things like pet dander and pollen, the quality of your air will be negatively affected. Cleaning and maintaining your furnace is one of the most important things you can do, according to the EPA.

Invest In Regular Furnace Cleanings – Stay Safe, Healthy, And Warm All-Year-Long

Whether you’d like to save on your monthly heating bill, avoid unexpected repairs, keep your warranty intact, or ensure that you and your family are breathing healthy, clean air, investing in a regular furnace cleaning is worth it. Find an HVAC company near you now, and you’ll enjoy all of these above benefits – and many more.