5 Easy Ways to Damage Your Watch

A watch is an accessory for telling the time, but it is also a fashion accessory. For men, a watch is one of the few pieces of jewelry they can wear each day, so choosing the right watch and looking after it is important.

Watches in Kansas City can be as cheap as a few dollars or cost as much as a year’s salary. There are watches with incredible mechanical movements that cost millions of dollars, and there are inexpensive watches designed for children. One watch made by Patek Philippe — the Supercomplication Pocket Watch — sold at auction for $24,000,000.

Whether your watch is a prized possession or a tool of the trade, there are lots of ways you can accidentally damage your watch. It’s always an option to seek out expert watch repairs, but it helps to be aware of some of the most common ways a watch can be damaged.

Winding Your Watch While Wearing It

Being in a hurry sometimes means taking short cuts, but when it comes to maintaining a watch it’s worth taking the extra effort to extend its life. Winding your watch while it’s on your wrist may seem harmless, but it’s the most common way to overwind it or accidentally pull out the crown.

Winding a watch while wearing it can cause undue stress on a crown by winding it at an awkward angle. Taking your watch off to wind it allows you to accurately gauge the resistance and pull the crown out at the proper angle.

Cross-Threading the Crown

Another common way that a watch can be damaged is by cross threading the crown when threading it back into the watch. Some watches have a screw-down crown, and if yours does, it is worth being mindful. The crown can become jammed while threading it back in, so it is worth being mindful to not cross-thread it and take your time screwing the crown in with only minimal force. By holding it in your hand instead of wearing it, you can better feel the resistance you encounter while tightening it.

Proximity to Magnetic Fields

Watches contain small metal parts that if misaligned or moved erratically can cause them to seize. Since many common household objects contain magnets it is important not to set your watch on or near appliances like radios, cell phones, tablets, or laptops.

Some watches are magnet resistant. If a watch is magnet resistant, it will be labeled with a Gauss rating. A Gauss is the unit of measurement for measuring magnetism, and by using parts made of alternative materials that are non-magnetic, they are less vulnerable.

Setting the Date during the “Danger Zone”

Unless you are a watch enthusiast, you may not be aware of the danger zone. The danger zone is the time between 9 pm and 3 am. But why is it called the danger zone? During that period the gears are moving to switch the date. Setting the date during the time period between 9 pm and 3 am is inadvisable since it may cause the gears to become misaligned.

Water Damage

Some watches are designed to be water resistant to a certain depth while others cannot be exposed to water at all. It is important not to submerge your watch in water unless it is actually waterproof. There is a stark difference between water resistant and waterproof. A waterproof watch can be fully submerged while a water-resistant watch should not be fully submerged.

Taking Care of Your Watch

By maintaining your watch and avoiding these common ways that watches can be damaged, you can extend the life of your watch. A watch can also use a checkup by a professional watch repair service every few years.

One way you can help ensure your watch lasts as long as possible is by storing it properly. Proper storage involves keeping it in a safe place when it’s not in use where it won’t be shaken, dropped, or exposed to too much moisture. A small box stored in a dry area is one way you could consider storing your watch.

A jewelry box is another great way to store your watch but just be sure that other jewelry or hard objects are not rubbed near the face of the watch. While many faces are made of scratch resistant materials such as quartz, it is still a good idea not to store your watch with objects that could damage the watch face.

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